Radio waves may find exomoons

In renewed hope of finding life outside our solar system, physicists say that following a trail of radio wave emissions may lead them to discover exomoons harbouring life.

Mysterious cosmic radio-burst detected

Using the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, astronomers have discovered a split-second burst of radio waves, providing important new evidence of mysterious pulses that appear to come from deep in outer space.

Early universe `warmed up` much later than previously believed

A new study reveals that black holes, formed from the first stars in our universe, heated the gas throughout space later than previously thought.

New WiTrack 3D motion-tracker system can see through walls

A research group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a high-resolution, 3D motion tracking system that works through walls and other obstructions.

Radio waves valuable indicator of climate change

Researchers have discovered that the radio waves reflecting back to Earth from the ionosphere offer valuable news on climate change as well.

New therapy knocks out high BP with radio waves

Now a radical therapy could provide a permanent cure for high blood pressure by zapping the kidneys with radio waves.

Nearby galaxy emitting mysterious radio waves: Scientists

An unknown object in the nearby
galaxy -- M82 -- is sending out radio waves, an incident which
has never happened in the universe before.

Inter ministerial group meets on 3G auction tomorrow

The government appointed inter ministerial committee on 3G spectrum auction is likely to meet tomorrow to sort out the number of blocks to be auctioned and payment schedule for successful bidders.

Radio waves can `see` terrorists, hostages through walls

Engineers have developed a wireless network of radio transmitters that can track people moving behind solid walls.