Radioactivity detected in two places at Czech nuclear plant

An official says low radioactivity has been unexpectedly detected in two places outside one of the two reactors at a Czech nuclear power plant.

Fukushima begins dumping low radioactivity water into sea

The operator of the troubled Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan Wednesday began to dump controlled quantities of water with low radioactivity into the sea.

US state alarmed over nuclear waste leak

Heightened radioactivity levels were found outside a nuclear waste tank in the US state of Washington, officials has said, in a new alert about a site used to make Cold War-era bombs.

Fukushima fish contaminated with radioactivity

A fish caught near the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan had 2,500 times the legal limit of radioactivity for human consumption.

Fish with high levels of radioactivity found in Japan

A study by Japan`s environment ministry has found the presence of fish with high levels of radioactive cesium in rivers and reservoirs in Fukushima.

Radioactivity rises in sea off Japan nuclear plant

Levels of radioactivity have risen sharply, signaling the possibility of new leaks at the facility.

Taiwan finds 1st radioactivity from Japan in air

It is the 1st finding in Taiwan since the disaster at Japan`s nuclear plant.

Japan detects radioactivity 30 km off coast: IAEA

The average dose for a nuclear plant worker is 50 millisieverts over 5 years.

Radioactive substances in seawater near Japan plant

High levels of radioactive substances
have been detected in seawater near a quake-crippled nuclear power plant in Japan, its operator said early Tuesday.

Radioactivity leaking from Japan could contaminate food chain

Exposure to radioactivity has the potential to cause various cancers.

Police should be trained to handle radioactivity: Kakodkar

Former chairman of Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Anil Kakodkar has said that police should be trained to take necessary actions in case radioactivity is detected.

N-fusion power could solve world`s energy crisis

Imagine if you could generate power using nuclear power minus radioactivity - it would be the answer to the dream of finding a clean, sustainable energy source.

Kaiga: Thousands had access to radioactive chemical

Whoever caused the contamination of a drinking water dispenser at the state-run Kaiga atomic power plant in Karnataka could have been either a permanent or a contract worker, an official said Monday.

Three Mile Island nuclear plant leaks radioactivity

Nuclear safety officials have moved to quell worries about a leak of radioactivity from Three Mile Island nuclear plant, saying that human safety was never endangered.