Ecuador tense with anti-govt protests ahead of pope visit
Ecuador tense with anti-govt protests ahead of pope visit

Just days before the hotly-anticipated visit of Pope Francis to Ecuador, the country`s President has come under increasing pressure from opposition protests demanding his ouster.

Ecuador`s embattled president suspends inheritance bill amid protests
Ecuador`s embattled president suspends inheritance bill amid protests

Rocked by a week of protests over a his government`s bid to redistribute wealth, and opposition calls for him to resign, Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa on Monday dropped the bill for now.

Ecuador opposition mobilizes against inheritance tax plan

 Rival protesters in Ecuador took to the street for the third night running Wednesday to demonstrate over President Rafael Correa and a "redistribution of wealth" plan that would increase inheritance taxes.

Ecuador president may sit out Summit of Americas: FM

 Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa could boycott next month`s Summit of the Americas over US "lack of respect" for Latin America, Quito`s top diplomat warned Wednesday.

Ecuadorean satirist halts jokes after death threats

An Ecuadorean satirist, whose biting online political humour provoked the ire of President Rafael Correa, has announced that he's ceasing and desisting after receiving anonymous death threats.

At least 15 officers wounded as thousands rally in Ecuador

At least 15 officers were wounded and multiple arrests were reported in Quito Wednesday as thousands gathered for rallies for and against leftist President Rafael Correa, officials said.

Ecuador leader roots for Argentina to win final

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa says he was rooting for Argentina to win the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup final against Germany.

Ecuador orders 20 Pentagon employees to leave: US embassy

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa has ordered 20 Pentagon officers and staff to leave the country, a United States (US) embassy official said Friday.

Ecuador president says Twitter account hacked

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa has said his Twitter account was hacked, blaming right-wing foreign groups for posting false tweets on it.

Presidential helicopter crashes in Ecuador, three dead

A military helicopter assigned to the presidency crashed in southern Ecuador, killing three people, President Rafael Correa has announced.

Ecuadoran cartoonist accuses government of abuse of power

An Ecuadoran newspaper cartoonist said he would comply with an order to change a cartoon that offended President Rafael Correa.

Ecuador`s Correa rebukes `intrusions` by UN, Americas court

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa has rebuked requests by major international bodies for clarification on his anti-abortion position and decision to extract oil from an Amazon reserve.

Correa slams report on CIA role in Ecuador strike

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa warned on Monday that reports US intelligence played a role in a 2008 Colombian attack on FARC rebels in his country as a threat to regional peace efforts.

Ecuador`s football team feted for reaching World Cup finals

The Ecuadorian government paid tributes to the national football team for qualifying for the 2014 Brazil World Cup by winning one of the coveted direct tickets offered only to South America`s top four teams.

Ecuador confident of going into World Cup

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa said he is confident the national football team will succeed in qualifying automatically for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Ecuador leader rebukes Assange for mocking Australian politicians

Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa chastized WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for making fun of Australian politicians in a video shot at his place of refuge in Ecuador`s London embassy.

Ecuador leader may insist on digital-only dailies

Ecuador`s combative president is threatening to try to force the country`s newspapers to go all-digital as a way to save paper.

Fidel knew Chavez was dying: Ecuadorian president

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa says Cuba`s Fidel Castro told him in December 2012 that then-Venezuelan head of state Hugo Chavez would be dead within months.

Ecuador`s legislature passes restrictive media law

Ecuador`s congress has approved a communications bill that creates official media overseers, imposes sanctions for smearing "people`s good name" and redistributes radio and TV frequencies.

Ecuador`s Correa won`t run again in 2017

On the eve of his inauguration for another four-year term, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said on Thursday that he will not run again in 2017.