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Kerala police returns after establishing Bitti`s identity

After completing the identification process of German woman rape case convict Bitti Mohanty, the team of Kerala police, which was in Rajasthan for past two days, has returned back.

Raghav Rajan is Bitti Mohanty, confirms ‘innocent’ father

Retired Odisha DGP BB Mohanty identified the photograph of Raghav Rajan who was arrested by the Kerala Police for impersonation and forgery, as that of Bitihotra Mohanty.

Bitti Mohanty`s identity verified in Rajasthan

The identity of German woman rape case convict Bitti Mohanty was on Friday established after Kerala Police matched his finger prints and examined records.

Travancore bank suspends `Raghav Rajan`

The State Bank of Travancore has suspended `Raghav Rajan`, the probationary officer working with them and said to be Bitti Mohanty.

Raghav Rajan is Bitti Mohanty – documentary proof found?

Bitti Mohanty, who jumped parole in 2006 while serving sentence in Rajasthan had been living in Kerala as ‘Raghav Rajan’ and secured a job in State Bank of Travancore.

Bitti`s father skirts media, family rallies behind him

As arrested bank probationary officer in Kerala insisted he was Raghav Rajan and not German woman rape convict Bitti Mohanty, his father former Odisha DGP B B Mohanty evaded media for third day.

Kerala police form 20-member SIT to probe Bitti ca

The Kerala police on Monday formed a 20-member Special Investigation Team to investigate and collect details about rape case convict Bitti Mohanty.

Bitti Mohanty insists he is `Raghav Rajan`

The person arrested by Kerala police, whom they say is Bitti Mohanty, is learnt to have refused to cooperate with the investigating officials and stuck to his fake identity of `Raghav Rajan`.