Indonesia believes most migrants at sea not Rohingya: Australia
Indonesia believes most migrants at sea not Rohingya: Australia

 Indonesia has told Australia that most of the migrants stranded at sea in Southeast Asia are illegal labourers from Bangladesh, not oppressed Muslim Rohingya, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said in comments published Saturday.

Military in rare clash with insurgents in west Myanmar

Myanmar's military has arrested five people after a rare clash with insurgents in Rakhine state, state media said today, potentially complicating efforts to reach a nationwide ceasefire with numerous rebel groups.

Myanmar says plight of Rohingya minority a media fabrication

Myanmar President Thein Sein has denied that minority Muslim Rohingya are fleeing "torture" in western Rakhine state, telling the Voice of America Burmese Service such media reports were fabrication.

Fear grips western Myanmar after five Muslims killed

Terrified women and children hid in forests and security forces patrolled tense villages in western Myanmar on Wednesday, residents said, after sectarian clashes which left five Muslims dead.

Rohingya Muslims forced to identify themselves as `Bengalis`

The Rohingya community in Myanmar are being held in squalid camps and even beaten up.

Myanmar`s Suu Kyi slams two-child limit for Muslims

Aung San Suu Kyi has faced criticism for failing to defend the Rohingya following two waves of deadly sectarian violence last year.

Myanmar government panel recommends security boost

A special commission appointed by Myanmar`s government to investigate sectarian violence last year has issued a list of proposals to ease tensions including doubling the number of security forces in the region.

Myanmar verifying Muslim citizenship

Myanmar`s government has launched a major operation aimed at verifying the citizenship of Muslims in western Rakhine state, the coastal territory that has been torn apart by Buddhist-Muslim violence since June.

US asks Myanmar to provide security in Rakhine state

The Rohingya are described by the UN as among the world`s most persecuted minorities, and are not officially recognised as citizens in Burma since 1982.

Myanmar acknowledges destruction, ethnic unrest in Rakhine

Burmese president Thein Sein has acknowledged major destruction and ethnic unrest in the west of the country.

At least 56 dead in new ethnic violence in Myanmar

At least 56 people have been killed and nearly 2,000 homes destroyed in the latest outbreak of ethnic violence in western Myanmar, a government official said.

Muslim-Buddhist clashes spread in western Myanmar

The unrest is one of the worst reported between Rohingya Muslims and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists.

Myanmar: Curfew on one more area in Rakhine state

Myanmar`s local authorities have imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew on Kyauktaw in western Rakhine state since Wednesday night.

Bangladesh`s position on Myanmar refugees remain u

Bangladesh stuck to its stand of preventing influx of Muslim Rohingya refugees from the troubled Rakhine state of neighbouring Myanmar.

Old World War II bomb kills 7 in Myanmar

The seven found the bomb floating in a river in Rakhine state on Wednesday.