World`s most photographed tigress, Machli, goes missing from Ranthambore

Machli, the 17-year-old tigress, known to be the pride of Ranthambore National Park, continues to be missing after she was last spotted on January 9, sparking poaching fears in the region.

Two tiger cubs spotted in Ranthambore

Recently, an image of Arctic showing a lake at North Pole captured lots of attention, but researchers have said that it is not extreme.

Tiger cub spotted in Ranthambore National Park

A tiger cub has been spotted at the Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan`s Sawai Madhopur district, taking the total number of cubs in the park to 23, and bringing cheer to wildlife enthusiasts.

Rajasthan to relocate villages for tiger corridor

Rajasthan will relocate over two dozen villages to develop a biosphere reserve corridor that will connect three sanctuaries to ensure safe roaming of wild animals like tigers.

Need corridor so tigers don`t fight to death

The new corridor will come up at an estimated cost of Rs.200 crore.

Sariska to get two tigresses

Two more big cats would be relocated to Sariska National Park in Rajasthan`s Alwar district during the ongoing monsoon season, a state minister said today.

Three new tiger cubs spotted at Ranthambore

Wildlife authorities in Rajasthan are elated following the sightings of three new tiger cubs in Ranthambore National Park, where the tiger population has now reached fifty-three.

Rajasthan to develop biosphere reserve corridor

The Rajasthan government announced that it will develop a biosphere reserve corridor connecting 14 protected sanctuaries in six districts to ensure safe roaming of wild animals.

Two tiger cubs spotted at Ranthambore National Park

The cubs of tigress named T-8 were spotted in Zone Number 8 of Chidikheda area in Phalodi Range.