Digvijay Singh compares RSS with Ravana

In comments that could stoke a fresh controversy, Congress leader Digvijay Singh has likened RSS to mythological demon king Ravana while slamming BJP and the Sangh over yesterday`s attack on AAP office in Ghaziabad.

Demons meet fiery end as good triumphs over evil

Towering effigies of 10-headed demon king Ravana, his son Meghnad and brother Kumbhakaran marking the triumph of good over evil.

Mysore scion worships weapons on Dasara fest

As part of the Dasara (Dussehra) festival, Mysore royal family scion Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar Tuesday worshipped weapons and treasures of the 700-year-old dynasty at the palace in this heritage city.

Mandor residents worship the Ravana of good times

As legend goes, Ravana was married to Mandodari, daughter of the king of Mandawar, known as Mandor now, a picturesque garden town about 11 km from the city.

Ravana in Haryana towers 195 feet

When thousands of Ravana effigies go up in flames Wednesday, the 195-feet Ravana here will dwarf all others in India.

Muslim artisans prepare effigies of Ravana

In a reflection of Hindu-Muslim amity, Muslim artisans are giving final touches to Ravana`s effigies for Dusshera celebrations.

Ravana to wear pants, shoes this Dussehra

Ten-headed mythological demon king Ravana is set to appear in contemporary attire this year to be burnt down among crackling fireworks on Dussehra.

Ravana to wear pants, shoes this Dusshera

Ten-headed demon king Ravana is set to appear in contemporary attire this year to be burnt down among crackling fireworks on Dusshera later this month in the city.

‘Congress is demon king Ravana’

Janata Dal-United (JD-U) president Sharad Yadav has mockingly compared the Congress party with 10-headed Hindu demon king Ravana.

Ravana, puppets, dance in Nida Mahmood show

Nida Mahmood, the queen of "pop art", knows how to play her cards well and be different.

Anna Hazare burns Ravana`s effigy

Anna Hazare performed the traditional burning of demon king Ravana`s effigy on the occasion of Dusshera at his village Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra.

Here Ravana is worshipped on Dussehra!

They don`t regard Ravana as a negative figure. On the contrary, some people in four Madhya Pradesh districts worship Hindu god Rama`s arch rival on Dussehra when all across his effigies are burnt to mark the victory of good over evil.

Ravana worshipped on Dussehra in MP!

Ravana is worshipped as he is personified as a symbol of prosperity and regarded as a saviour by Kanyakubja Brahmins.

India celebrates Dussehra; burns evil

Effigies of demon Ravana blazed and crackled as Dussehra was celebrated across the country.

On Dussehra, pay obeisance at a Ravana temple

Dussehra might be a celebration of Lord Rama`s victory over the `evil` Ravana, but at a temple in this city hundreds of devotees throng every year on this day to worship the demon king.

I am considered as `Ravana`: Jairam Ramesh

Unhappy with his critics, Union
Forest and Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh today said that
he was being considered as `Ravana; to the development

Dussehra`s over, but Ravana still alive here

Demon king Ravana may have already gone up in flames when Dussehra was celebrated across the country.

`Ravana` gang leader arrested after gun battle

A 28-year-old village pradhan,
alleged leader of `Ravana gang` which unleashed a reign of
terror in neighbouring Noida, was arrested in the national
capital after a brief gun battle, police said on Monday.