Red lights put drivers at high air pollution risk

The more time you spend at a signalled traffic intersection during your daily commute, the greater is your risk of developing respiratory and heart diseases, says a study led by an Indian-origin researcher.

Govt readies new traffic law for road safety

In view of India being one of the countries with highest road fatalities in the world, Government has readied new traffic law for road safety.

Eddie Murphy`s new album includes weed and strip club anthems

Eddie Murphy has recorded a new album which features a strip club anthem and added an ode to marijuana in his musical comeback.

Eddie Murphy collaborates with Snoop Dogg For a song

Singer-actor Eddie Murphy has collaborated with hip-hop star Snoop Dogg on a new track `Red Light`.

Red light may be best at night: Study

Exposure to red light in office may decrease health risk in night shift workers, a new study suggests.

More officials can use red lights on vehicles in Assam

The Assam Government has allowed Principal Accountant General, Accountant General and Deputy Inspector General of Police to use red light in their official vehicles.

Six rescued from Delhi`s red light area

Two girls and four young women who were forced into prostitution have been rescued from the capital`s red light area, Delhi Police said Tuesday.