PCB drops plans of playing D/N Test
PCB drops plans of playing D/N Test

The Pakistan Cricket Board has dropped its plans of holding day and night Test matches after its proposal to use an orange cricket ball was overruled by the International Cricket Council.

Taylor Swift's '1989' surpasses 2012 album 'Red' sales records
Taylor Swift's '1989' surpasses 2012 album 'Red' sales records

 Taylor Swift recently tweeted that she just found out that her latest album '1989' has surpassed sales records of her 2012 album titled 'Red'.

Apple teams with (RED) to fight AIDS

Apple has teamed with the (RED) campaign founded by U2 singer Bono to raise money to fight AIDS.

Blue objects feel warmer than red ones!

Blue objects feel warmer to the touch than red ones of the same temperature, a new study has found.

Taylor Swift `doesn`t have the urge to strip off`

Taylor Swift has revealed that she doesn`t ever have the urge to strip off for a photoshoot.

`Red` stars return for sequel

Bruce Willis from `Red`, is all set to return in action for a sequel- `Red 2 `.

Red rules in JNU students union polls

JNU was painted red again with the ultra-Left AISA sweeping the students` union polls winning all the top four posts.

`RED` sequel on the drawing board

A sequel to "RED" is on.

I rehearsed `Red` fight scenes for three weeks: Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is 55 and hasn`t stopped fighting. In his latest film `Red`, the Hollywood star says he will be seen in a major fight sequence for which he rehearsed for three weeks with actor Karl Urban.

Here`s why most women prefer men in red

If you want to attract the opposite sex, try adding red to your daily wardrobe, suggests a new study.

Red blood cells infected with malaria become stiffer: Study

Red blood cells infected with malaria become 10 times stiffer and stickier than normal ones in later stages, says a new study.

Over 4 lakh drivers fined for jumping red light in Delhi

Delhiites behind the wheels seem to be the most impatient drivers as a whopping 4.36 lakh of them were challaned for jumping red lights, making the offence the highest among traffic violations in the city this year.

The secret of red-yellow autumn leaves

Scientists are studying environmental conditions 35 million years ago to solve the mystery that why autumn leaves are red in America and yellow in Europe.

Red wine increases women` libido

Women drinking a moderate amount of
red wine have higher sex drive than their counterparts who
preferred other alcoholic drinks, or were teetotalers, a new
research has found.