Top Greece court rules referendum can go ahead

Greece`s top administrative court ruled Friday that a weekend referendum can go ahead asking voters whether or not they support bailout conditions, rejecting a challenge by two individuals.

S&P puts negative outlook on Britain`s top AAA rating over EU referendum

Standard & Poor`s said Friday it switched to negative the outlook on Britain`s top AAA credit rating due to the government`s decision to hold a referendum on whether to stay in the European Union.

British MPs to vote on EU referendum bill

British lawmakers vote for the first time Tuesday on legislation underpinning a referendum on whether the country should leave the European Union, due by the end of 2017.

UK opposition Labour to run separate pro-EU campaign

The opposition Labour Party will run a separate campaign to keep Britain inside the EU when the country holds a referendum on the issue, the party said on Tuesday, ruling out sharing a platform with Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.

Back me on EU referendum or quit: UK's Cameron tells ministers

British Prime Minister David Cameron sought to quell fresh signs of rebellion in his Conservative Party over Europe, warning ministers they will have to back his European Union strategy or leave his government.

Britain`s Cameron warns ministers over EU referendum

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned ministers on Sunday they would have to support staying in the European Union or leave his government, newspapers reported.

Luxembourg votes on giving foreigners full voting rights

 Luxembourg went to the polls Sunday in a landmark referendum on whether to give foreign nationals, who make up nearly half the population, full voting rights.

Luxembourg referendum could give foreigners voting rights

Luxembourg could blaze a trail in the EU when it votes Sunday on whether to grant full voting rights to foreigners who make up nearly half of the population, as part of an unprecedented triple referendum.

France says Britain EU referendum `very risky`

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a British referendum on whether to leave the EU was "very risky", ahead of a visit by Prime Minister David Cameron to Paris on Thursday.

David Cameron on European tour, 'confident' of getting leader's backing over EU reform
David Cameron on European tour, 'confident' of getting leader's backing over EU reform

Just a day after the Queen's speech outlined a list of legislation, the key highlight of which was an EU referendum, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday embarked on a trip to four European nations, with an objective of gathering support for his changes to the UK's EU membership.

UK referendum question will be a `Yes` to stay in EU: Reports

British voters will be asked to vote "Yes" or "No" on remaining in the European Union in a referendum to be held by the end of 2017, media reported Wednesday.

Most EU nationals in UK excluded from voting in referendum

Most European Union citizens who are resident in Britain will not be able to vote in a referendum on its membership of the bloc, the government said on Monday.

Ireland `changed utterly` by gay marriage vote: Press

Ireland`s newspapers said Sunday that the country had dramatically changed and confirmed its emergence from the shadow of the traditionally powerful Catholic Church by voting in favour of gay marriage.

Australian PM resists gay marriage referendum push
Australian PM resists gay marriage referendum push

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Sunday said his country would not follow Ireland`s lead and hold a referendum on gay marriage, adding that any decisions would be made by parliament.

Ireland turns out for historic vote on gay marriage

Turnout was reported to be high in Ireland's referendum today on whether same-sex marriage should become legal, a vote which has exposed deep divisions in the traditionally Catholic nation.

UK`s Cameron to start EU talks ahead of referendum

 Prime Minister David Cameron will start face-to-face discussions at a summit Friday with European partners on renegotiating Britain`s position in the European Union ahead of an in-out referendum by 2017.

Ireland prepares historic referendum on gay marriage

Ireland could become the first country in the world to vote for same-sex marriage in a historic referendum this week in this traditionally Catholic nation.

Cameron could hold British EU membership vote in 2016

David Cameron could bring forward a referendum on Britain`s EU membership to next year instead of 2017 to cut short an impending battle on two fronts -- in Brussels and against Eurosceptics in his own camp.

Poroshenko raises decentralisation referendum but rebels reject

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday raised the idea of holding a referendum on the decentralisation of the country`s cities but was swiftly given the cold-shoulder by pro-Russian rebels.

Irish bishops appeal for `No` in gay marriage referendum

The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland on Tuesday appealed for a "No" vote in May`s historic referendum in the predominantly Catholic nation for a constitutional amendment to allow same-sex marriage.