Pakistan's Balochistan separatists demand Scotland-style vote

Baloch separatist leaders on Friday called on Pakistan to follow in Britain's footsteps by holding a referendum similar to Scotland's on granting independence to the insurgency-wracked province.

Scotland referendum: Pro-independence leader Alex Salmond concedes defeat

As the picture became clear in Scotland following a referendum for independence from the United Kingdom, pro-independence leader and First Minister Alex Salmond conceded defeat on Friday.

Slovak PM for referendum on NATO base in Slovakia

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said that he would initiate a referendum if his country was pressed into hosting a NATO base, a daily reported Saturday.

Taiwan to shutter near-completed nuclear plant

Taiwan`s government said Thursday it would seal off a nuclear power plant due to open next year but repeatedly attacked as unsafe by the public, pending a referendum on its future.

Deadly fighting rages on in east Ukraine despite plane crash

Pensioner Oleksandr had just stepped out of his house in eastern Ukraine to say hello to a neighbour when a mortar shell landed at his feet.

Iraq Kurd chief to discuss disputed areas referendum: MP

Iraqi Kurdish regional president Massud Barzani will address the Kurdish parliament Thursday on holding a referendum in disputed areas, after vowing to hold a plebiscite within months, an MP said.

Big turnout in Hong Kong democracy vote as Beijing fumes

An informal referendum aimed at bolstering support for greater democracy in Hong Kong wound down today after drawing nearly 800,000 votes and the ire of Beijing, which denounced it as a political farce.

Hong Kong``s democracy ``referendum`` likely to rile China``s communists

Hong Kong holds a controversial "referendum" on democracy on Friday, a prelude to an escalating campaign of dissent that could shut down the former British colony`s financial district and further anger China`s Communist Party leaders.

Burkina opposition in mass rally against extending president`s mandate

Tens of thousands of people Saturday answered a call by Burkina Faso`s opposition to protest against any move by President Blaise Compaore to get a fifth term in office.

Formal countdown begins for Scottish vote that could break up United Kingdom

The formal campaign for a Scottish independence vote that could result in the break-up of the United Kingdom began on Friday, though polls currently show Scots are unlikely to vote for the demise of the 307-year-old union with England.

Arvind Kejriwal seeks fresh polls in Delhi, says no to referendum

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday apologised to the nation for quitting as Delhi Chief Minister early this year after running the government for 49 days and said that his party wants fresh mandate.

Kiev rejects east Ukraine referendums

Ukrainian acting President Alexandr Turchynov Monday rejected referendums in eastern towns of Donetsk and Luhansk, in which around 90 percent of people voted in favour of independence from the central government in Kiev.

Oil prices rise after eastern Ukraine independence vote

Oil prices rose in Asia today after pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine claimed a majority of voters in a disputed referendum chose independence, raising fears of a civil war that could disrupt supply.

EU says will not recognise result of east Ukraine self-rule vote

The European Union said it would not recognise the result of a referendum on self-rule held by pro-Moscow rebels in east Ukraine on Sunday, calling it illegal.

Crowds vote in scarred east Ukraine port city

Enthusiasm for self-rule was palpable in the line snaking out of the district administration building in Mariupol converted into a polling station.

Pro-Russians hold referendums in eastern Ukraine`s Donetsk, Luhansk

In a move that may repeat the Crimea saga in Ukraine, pro-Russian activists on Sunday went ahead with the referendums for secession in two eastern cities of Luhansk and Donetsk.

US warns Russia ahead of referendum in eastern Ukraine

The US has termed the referendum being planned in eastern Ukraine today as "illegal", warning Russia of imposing greater costs on Moscow if it continues to destabilise its neighbouring country.

US reiterates illegality of eastern Ukraine referendum

The United States said it will not recognise the result of the independence vote in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, calling it an "illegal" attempt to create division and disorder.

Pro-Russian rebels hold vote to break away Ukraine`s east

Pro-Russian rebels are holding an independence vote in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, a move dismissed as "bogus" by the West but which could pull the ex-Soviet republic apart and bring damaging US sanctions down on Russia.

Tensions soar in east Ukraine ahead of referendum

Tensions were running at fever pitch in eastern Ukraine today on the eve of an independence referendum, as rebels briefly held several Red Cross staff on suspicion of espionage.