Malaysian police begin exhuming bodies at jungle camps

Malaysian police forensic teams, digging with hoes and shovels, began the grim task on Tuesday of exhuming the bodies of dozens of suspected victims of human traffickers found buried around jungle camps near the Thai border.

Europeans resist `mad` EU refugee quota plan

 Key European governments are fiercely resisting an EU plan that would force the bloc`s 28 member states to share the burden of hosting refugees in the wake of the migrant tragedies in the Mediterranean. 

Germany bolsters staffing to handle asylum seeker surge

Germany plans to nearly double the workforce in its refugee office, adding up to 2,000 jobs, a minister said Friday, as soaring numbers of people seek asylum in Europe`s top economy.

Hungary`s PM Orban calls EU refugee quota plan `mad`

Hungary`s Prime Minister Viktor Orban called a European plan to evenly distribute asylum seekers among EU members states "mad and unfair" on Friday, amid UN criticism over the country`s handling of refugees.

Europe-Australia talks over stopping asylum-seeker boats: Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Monday said Australia and Europe were in talks on how to stop asylum-seeker boats after the success of his government`s controversial polices on the issue.

Iran says won't accept forced deportees from Australia

Iran is not willing to accept its nationals being forcibly deported from Australia but will welcome back citizens of their own free will, a top official warned Sunday.

Palestinians trapped as jihadists seize most of Syria camp

Thousands of Palestinian civilians are trapped in Syria`s Yarmuk camp, which is besieged by government forces and has been largely overrun by jihadist fighters, an opposition official said Saturday.

Hamas holds Gaza march for besieged Yarmuk refugees

Hundreds rallied Saturday in the Gaza Strip in support of thousands of fellow Palestinians trapped in Syria`s Yarmuk camp, which has been largely overrun by jihadist fighters.

3 Syrian children killed in Lebanon fire: security source

Three Syrian refugee children burned to death in a fire that destroyed their makeshift wooden hut in northern Lebanon on Thursday, a security services official told AFP.

Jolie pens op-ed on refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq
Jolie pens op-ed on refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq

Angelina Jolie has called on the international community to step up efforts to help refugees who have suffered "unspeakable brutality" in Syria and Iraq.

Syrian refugee boy in Turkey beaten for eating leftovers

A Syrian refugee child has been beaten by a restaurant manager in the Turkish city Istanbul for eating a customer's leftovers, local media reported on today.

Syrian refugee boy in Turkey beaten for eating leftovers: Report

A Syrian refugee child has been beaten by a restaurant manager in the Turkish city Istanbul for eating a customer`s leftovers, local media reported on Saturday.

UN alarmed at repatriation of Nigerians to Boko Haram hotbed

Hundreds of refugees who fled deadly Boko Haram attacks earlier this month are being sent back from Niger to northeastern Nigeria, the UN said Friday, voicing concern the repatriation might not be voluntary.

India home to 200,000 refugees in first half of 2014: UNHCR

India was home to over 200,000 refugees in the first six months of 2014, a period that saw over 5.5 million people displaced worldwide mainly due to war and violence across large swathes of the Middle East and Africa.

Refugees drown in attempted Sudanese smuggling

At least eight asylum-seekers have drowned trying to cross a river in Sudan during an attempt to smuggle them out of a refugee camp, the UN refugee agency said on Thursday.

Syria detainees endure `nightmare` underworld

 Activist Mohsen al-Masri spent two years being dragged between prisons controlled by the Syrian security services, enduring savage beatings and being hanged from the ceiling for hours at a time.

Murdered refugee laundered millions at Aussie casinos: Reports

A former Vietnamese refugee shot dead on a Sydney street corner had laundered up to AUD 1 billion (USD 830 million) at Australian casinos as he cleaned up cash for criminal syndicates, reports said.

Australia tightens asylum seekers access, leaves refugees in Indonesia

 Australia`s conservative government on Wednesday defended its decision to stop asylum seekers passing through Indonesia from settling in Australia, a move that could leave Indonesia with thousands of refugees from the Middle East.

Pope weighs in as Italy refugee influx accelerates again

 Pope Francis weighed into Italy`s immigration crisis on Sunday, warning the country it faced a "social emergency", as the influx of asylum seekers blamed for mob violence in Rome accelerated again.

Australian-born baby denied refugee status

A baby born in Australia to asylum-seeker parents is not entitled to refugee status, a judge ruled Wednesday, in a case which advocates said will impact the fate of scores more children.