Reg Traviss rape

Rape claim was lowest I`ve been: Reg Traviss

Reg Traviss says he did not think that he could feel any worse after fiance Amy Winehouse died until he was falsely accused of rape.

Dec 17, 2012, 10:51 AM IST

Amy Winehouse’s ex cleared of rape charge

Amy Winehouse’s former boyfriend Reg Traviss walked out free after being cleared of rape – then angrily said that the case should never have gone to court.

Dec 14, 2012, 13:42 PM IST

Amy Winehouse’s ex boyfriend Reg Traviss charged for raping sleeping friend

Amy Winehouse’s boyfriend Reg Traviss allegedly raped a woman friend twice while she was asleep, a court has heard.

Dec 11, 2012, 14:21 PM IST

Amy Winehouse’s beau `devastated on being arrested for rape`

Amy Winehouse’s former boyfriend Reg Traviss has been arrested on suspicion of rape.

Apr 28, 2012, 16:25 PM IST