Small lizard species found in Australia
Small lizard species found in Australia

A lizard species that weighs barely 16 gram and has remained practically unchanged for the past six million years has been found in Australia, a media report said Wednesday.

Short-necked marine reptile discovered in China

A new species of short-necked marine reptile called Hupehsuchia from the Triassic period has been discovered in China.

220m yr-old 'stuck in bone' tooth provides new insight on ancient reptiles

Scientists have come across a tooth lodged in a thigh bone of a giant ancient reptile, which has shed light on how the animals lived 220 million years ago.

Ancestor of giant flying reptiles found in China

Scientists have discovered fossil of the earliest and most primitive reptile, the largest known flying creature to have ever existed that lived some 163 million years ago.

Rescued from smugglers, crocodile released into river

A young marsh crocodile, which was rescued from smugglers some months ago, has been released into the wild.

Crocodile captured by forest dept in Odisha

A six-foot-long saltwater crocodile that had strayed into a village pond in Kendrapara district of Odisha, was captured alive by forest personnel much to the relief of panicked local residents.

Phoenix alligator gets prosthetic tail

An alligator has become the first in the world to be given a prosthetic tail.

Now, an all India guide map on snakes

The map also provides details of the varieties of snakes found in a particular state.

Super-tiny chameleons could be world’s smallest known reptiles

The minuscule lizards measure just tens of millimeters from head to tail.

Engineers design flying reptile inspired aircraft

The researchers designed an aircraft with the vertical tail moved to the front, like a pterosaur``s crest. Giving aircraft a crest increased its turning ratio by 14 pc.

Flying reptile pterosaur

Palaeontologists have claimed that a 95 million-year-old fossilised jaw discovered in Texas is a new genus and species of flying reptile known as Aetodactylus halli.