Restaurants, shopping malls and theatres likely to be open 24x7
Restaurants, shopping malls and theatres likely to be open 24x7

If the state governments agree with the proposal of the centre, it is very likely that shopping malls, restaurants, theatres and local markets will soon be open round the clock, i.e. 24X7, 365 days a year.

Service charge collected by hotels is not service tax: FinMin

The government Tuesday clarified that "service charge" collected by certain restaurants and hotels is not "service tax", which is levied at a rate of 5.6 percent on the total bill.

Service tax only in AC restaurants; effective rate 5.6%

Restaurants, eating-joints or messes, which do not have the facility of air-conditioning or central-heating in any part of the establishment are exempt from service tax.

Effective Service tax rate on AC restaurant bills 5.6%: Finance Ministry

The effective incidence of service tax on food bill in air-conditioned restaurants willbe 5.6% now

Suicide car bomb kills 15 in Iraq: Police

 A suicide car bomb ripped through roadside restaurants at the entrance to the town of Baladruz in eastern Iraq, killing at least 15 people, police and provincial officials said Sunday.

Little Italy opens first outlet in Ahmedabad

Famous Italian restaurant Little Italy today opened its first outlet in the city, offering pure vegetarian Italian food to Gujarati taste buds.

Restaurants can push healthy eating among kids

Contrary to popular belief, more healthy meals for kids were ordered after a regional restaurant chain added more healthy options to its kids' menu and removed soda and fries, says a study.

HC quashes govt action against 47 Mumbai restaurants on fire safety

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has set aside orders by Maharashtra authorities suspending the licences of 47 restaurants for allegedly violating fire safety norms, saying proper procedure was not followed.

How we choose `healthy food` in restaurants revealed

A new research has revealed that the best approach to curtail unhealthy food consumption is to use a combination of both an unhealthy label and a surcharge for unhealthy menu items, called "unhealthy surcharge."

Man held as Taiwan says 900 restaurants used gutter oil

Taiwanese authorities have detained the main suspect in a food safety scare over recycled cooking oil which officials said Sunday had been supplied to more than 900 restaurants and bakeries.

In Iran, World Cup fun is a closed-doors affair

When Iran qualified for the World Cup last year it prompted dancing on the streets of Tehran, with millions of men and women gathering to celebrate a rare sporting achievement.

Brazil wins on hospitality, loses on traffic: Report

Foreign World Cup tourists say they are impressed with the hospitality of their host country despite finding fault with services and transport, Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported Sunday.

Police allows nightlife till 1 am in Bangalore

It`s three cheers to thousands of Bangaloreans who can soon party till 1 am throughout the week, thanks to the police permitting bars and restaurants to serve liquor and food past midnight for a year.

Fire in Nicaragua destroys four restaurants

At least four restaurants and one property were destroyed Sunday by a fire in Nicaragua`s western city of Leon, authorities said.

Japan Gov`t ponders food allergy labelling for restaurants

Japanese authorities have set up a panel of experts to study how to inform restaurant customers about allergy-causing ingredients in prepared food - a category not subject to existing labelling regulations.

Philippines ranks restaurants for taxes, not food

Next time you eat out in the Philippines, you might want to check the government`s restaurant guide. It doesn`t tell you where the best food is, but if you`re possibly patronising a tax cheat.

New York restaurants declare `vodka-war` on Russia

Several restaurants in New York poured Russian vodka on streets in protest of the country`s harsh anti-gay laws.

Yahoo! buys iPhone app designed to locate restaurants

Embattled Internet search firm Yahoo! has acquired the start-up behind an iPhone application, which lets people know if nearby venues are like places that suit their tastes.

Food poisoning kills 12 in China

Over 400 people suffered from food poisoning in China this year.

Food poisoning kills 12 in China

Over 400 people suffered from food poisoning in China this year.