Harry'd need binoculars to see what new comrades can with naked eye

When Prince Harry begins patrolling with Australia's mostly indigenous NORFORCE regiment, he will need binoculars to see what his new comrades can with the naked eye, a professor said on Wednesday.

Our brain works as a ''Cyclop''

Ever wondered how we can see sharp images though a blur is projected in each retina?

This retina protein may help beat blindness

Scientists have identified a retina protein that plays a crucial role for vision.

Human retina is built backwards, confirm scientists

For the first time, researcher have confirmed that the human retina is built backwards, with the neurons in front of the photoreceptors, rather than behind them.

Gene therapy holds promise for restoring vision

 A new genetic therapy was found effective in restoring light responses to the degenerated retinas of mice and dogs, indicating that it may be feasible to restore some light sensitivity in blind humans.

Human eye can see 'invisible' infrared light

In a first, an international team of researchers has found that under certain conditions, our eye can sense “invisible” infra-red light.

Retina protein could prevent blindness

A protein found in the retina plays an essential role in the function and survival of light-sensing cells that are required for vision, researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, have found.

Viagra use can lead to vision disturbances in some

A new research has revealed that erectile dysfunction drugs can affect vision of genetically susceptible users.

Japanese doctors test method for restoring impaired vision

Japanese doctors have successfully carried out the first ever implantation of a retina grown from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS).

Eye changes can predict dementia

A loss of cells in the retina is one of the earliest signs of a form of dementia in people with a genetic risk for the brain disorder - even before any changes appear in their behaviour, says a study.

A cup of coffee a day keeps retinal damage away

Gradually, the medical community is changing its tune from “coffee is more trouble than it is worth” to “it is not as bad as we were told!” Yes, you have got another reason to have a cup of coffee everyday.

Reindeers` eyes change colour over course of seasons

Scientists have discovered that reindeer eyes changes colour from gold to blue over the course of the year.

Your eyes may be windows to predicting stroke risk

Researchers found the risk of stroke was 35 percent higher in those with mild hypertensive retinopathy and 137 percent higher in those with moderate or severe hypertensive retinopathy.

Chocolate `highs` can be seen in the eyes

A new study has found that the brain`s pleasure response to tasting food can be measured through the eyes using a common, low-cost ophthalmological tool.

Blood vessels in eye linked with IQ

The width of blood vessels in the retina can be a biomarker for brain health, a new study has suggested.

Deepak Dobriyal relives his nightmare of nearly going blind

While shooting for Annirudh Chautala’s film in Rajasthan, Deepak Dobriyal had the retina, cornea and lens of his left eye pierced in a freak accident. Two months later, he is on the way to recovery and says the ruptured eye and the disrupted career are both back on the road to recovery.

Early predictor for glaucoma identified

In a new study, researchers have found that certain changes in blood vessels in the eye’s retina can be an early warning that a person is at increased risk for glaucoma, an eye disease that slowly robs people of their peripheral vision.

Patients’ own skin cells can restore vision in elderly

A new study has suggested that induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells – which are derived from adult human skin cells but have embryonic properties – could soon be used to restore vision in people with macular degeneration and other diseases that affect the eye’s retina.

New therapy to prevent retina damage in diabetes

Scientists have developed a new method that they claim can regulate blood vessel leakage in the eye, a condition caused by long-term diabetes.

`Solar panel` eye implant promises sight!

Scientists have devised a system using tiny solar-panel-like cells surgically placed underneath the retina, which may someday restore sight.