Houses for 9,000 Maharashtra policemen soon after retirement

Around 9,000 police constables in Maharashtra would soon get a house of their own in adjoining Navi Mumbai after retirement.

Don`t save for future? You may also be ignoring health

If you are not inclined to save for the future, you may also have a tendency to ignore your health as researchers have found that poor physical health and financial health are driven by the same underlying psychological factors.

Restaurant bans Shia Labeouf`s entry

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been banned from a restaurant here after he was allegedly caught urinating on the wall outside last month.

Eric Clapton plans retirement

Guitar legend Eric Clapton has revealed he is ready to retire from touring after more than 50 years on the road.

Next generation of Vidarbha leaders awaiting political debut

With a host of politicians from the state`s Vidarbha region on the verge of retirement from active politics due to advancing age or demitting their offices in Assembly and Parliament, their children are eager to step into their shoes, sources said.

IMF advises Pakistan government to raise retirement age

 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised the Pakistan government to raise the retirement age as part of a reform programme to save on rising pensions bill, a media report said Monday.

Mariah Carey has no plans to retire

Pop star Mariah Carey has denied reports that she is planning to retire.

Justice Chitra Venkatraman retires

Justice Chitra Venkatraman, a Judge of Madras High Court today retired from the service.

AC/DC `retiring from music`?

Australian rock band AC/DC band may retire from the music scene at the earliest, according to reports.

David Letterman to retire in 2015

Popular chat show host David Letterman has said he will retire when his contract of `The Late Show` ends next year.

Johnny Depp`s thinking about early retirement

Actor Johnny Depp recently turned 50 and says that he doesn`t see himself continuing acting in the future.

Post retirement, PM to move to bungalow vacated by Sheila Dikshit

A sprawling bungalow on Motilal Nehru Place will be the abode of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh once he retires after the Lok Sabha elections.

George Clooney planning to retire?

Actor George Clooney, 52, has hinted that he is thinking of retiring from acting soon.

Form norms to check post retirement jobs by babus: Parliamentary Panel

Government should without delay come out with guidelines to check post-retirement jobs by senior officials who held vital posts so sensitive information is not divulged parliamentary committee said.


K Sampath Kumar brings out the humor in retirement

Nepal`s `Living Goddess` to get stipend after retirement

Nepal`s famous Kumaris, young prepubescent girls considered by devotees to be incarnations of a Hindu goddess, will now get retirement benefits.

Shia LaBeouf to retire from spotlight?

`Transformers` star Shia Labeouf says he is planning to retire from the public life in the wake of plagiarism accusations.

Justin Bieber `was joking about retirement`

Justin Bieber was only joking when he announced his retirement, it has been revealed.

Activity levels may decrease after retirement: Study

People may not be as active as they once were after they retire, according to a new UK study.

Is Justin Bieber planning to `retire` after next album?

Justin Bieber has reportedly revealed that he will take retire ment after his next album, which is due out next week.