'Step Up All In' review: Captivates with brilliant dance moves
'Step Up All In' review: Captivates with brilliant dance moves

This dance-drama revolves around the intriguing concept of permanence and consequences.

'Crossing Bridges' review: Small film with a big heart

For a very long time nothing seems to be happening in 'Crossing Bridges'. We see the urbanised Tashi (Anshu Jamsenpa) return to his unspoilt untouched village in Arunachal Pradesh. Tashi hasn't been home for seven-eight years. He is lost. He is disoriented.

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' review: Entertaining teen fare
'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' review: Entertaining teen fare

Packed with roller-coaster action, set in New York City, this science-fiction-action-adventure film is a reboot of a Gen-Y franchise that began in 1984 as a comic series, which was later adapted into television shows, video games and films. 

`Anjaan` review: fails to impress

`Anjaan` is like a battle between Suriya, the star, and Suriya, the actor.

`Jigarthanda` review: Story of a conman

Two-film old Karthik Subbaraj has become adept at conning his audiences with his completely unpredictable films. If his debut film "Pizza" was a con story covered with layers of a horror thriller, "Jigarthanda" is a satirical tale of a filmmaker (Karthik Subbaraj himself) wanting to make a gangster film.

`Hercules` review - brilliant 3D effects make it a treat

This is the second film this year based on Hercules, the son of Zeus. The first being the Kellan Lutz-starrer `The Legend of Hercules`, which released in mid-January.

`22 Jump Street` Review: A run-of-the-mill comic caper

A buddy-cop drama, `22 Jump Street` is a sequel to `21 Jump Street`, which is in turn a take on the popular television series that was aired in America from 1987 till 1991.

`Amit Sahni Ki List` review: An endearing `roam` com

Surprises, they say, come in small packages. I went into this odd-sounding film `Amit Sahni Ki List`, honestly, with zero expectations.

'Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania' review: Varun Dhawan steals the show!

Karan Johar`s Dharma Production is out with another entertainer `Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya` with Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt for the second time. The two had previously paired up in their debut `Student Of The Year`.

UN urges review of Australia`s handling of Sri Lankan refugees

Australia should hold a wide-ranging judicial review of its treatment of asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka, the United Nations` human rights office said today amid uproar over Canberra`s handling of the issue.

Transformers review : - Average yet exciting epic fare

`Transformers: Age of Extinction` is a blockbuster man versus aliens spectacle that deals with loyalty and honour, where "human freedom is at stake and innocent people die all the time".

`Holiday` review: True blue action lacking a real punch

The genre of action thrillers has never been a strong point for Bollywood. With `Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty`, the promise of that changing were strong with slick action in the trailers. However, the pace of the movie is such that the audience has little to look forward to.

`Maleficent` review: It fails to enchant

God save the classic fairytales and their antagonist! "Maleficent", Disney`s rehash of "Sleeping Beauty" is a case in point.

`Heropanti` review: Over enthusiastic kid trying to be a hero!

The last few years have been rather good for newcomers. Whether it be Varun Dhawan or Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt or Parineeti Chopra; Bollywood has been kind to them.

‘Million Dollar Arm’ review: Poor country cousin of ‘Slum Dog Millionaire`

Its intention seems to entice and convert youngsters, who have never played the national sport of the United States before.

`Purani Jeans` review: Looking back in languor

Coming-of-age films are so commonplace that they are more often than not, disappointing.

`Kaanchi` movie predictions: How will the Box Office react?

Mishti Mukherjee, who plays the titular role of Kaanchi is Subhash Ghai`s latest muse, has already surmised the movie saying that it is a `saga of today’s women. Traditional and contemporary and yet independent minded`.

`Dekh Tamasha Dekh` review: Hard-hitting depiction of communal disharmony

Routinely, we love to sweep the truth about Hindu-Muslim relations under the carpet.

`Naan Sigappu Manithan` review: It keeps you hooked

In Thiru`s "Naan Sigappu Manithan" (NSM), neither do you have a hero to cheer for (because he`s asleep mostly as he suffers from a rare sleep disorder) nor a typical villain character.

`Youngistaan` review: Questions quality of politics in India

You have to hand it to this film for making an effort to be `headline-ish` without toppling over with the temperament of topicality.