China now home to 1 million 'super rich': Report

The number of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in China has passed the one million mark for the first time last year following a surge in the "innovative industries" sector, a study has shown.

Budget 2015: BJP hails budget, opposition calls it pro-rich

The NDA government Saturday hailed the Union Budget 2015-16 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling it "progressive and practical" while the opposition slammed it for being "pro-rich".

Justin Bieber named 'richest celeb under 30' by Forbes

Justin Bieber named 'richest celeb under 30' by Forbes

 Justin Bieber has claimed the top spot in Forbes 'highest-earning celebrities under 30' list.

Nominal tax on super rich can lift 9 cr out of poverty: Report

The study found that in India, the number of billionaires increased from two in the 1990s to 65 in 2014.

US inequality near highest levels in 100 years: Fed chief

Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen warned Friday that the gap between the rich and poor in the United States is widening and is near the highest levels seen in 100 years.

Most stereotypes about super-rich not true: Report

Moreover, most of the stereotypes associated with such ultra wealthy people are completely wrong, according to a report by Wealth-X, a global wealth intelligence and prospecting company.

Chidambaram continues 10% surcharge on super-rich

Putting an end to speculation, Finance Minister P Chidambaram Monday retained the 10 percent surcharge on those earning over Rs 1 crore annually.

World needs new awakening to tackle rich-poor divide: Khurshid

Observing that disparities between the rich and the poor are growing, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid today pitched for a new global awakening and a means to meet the needs of the poorest "effectively and adequately".

Janet Jackson engaged to Qatari boyfriend Wissam Al Mana?

Singer Janet Jackson is reportedly engaged to her billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana.

Rich really poor in generosity, empathy and altruism

People of a lower class show more empathy, more prosocial behaviour and compassion to others than those who are richer.

‘Philanthropist’ Dolly Parton believes in ‘giving regardless of being rich or poor’

Philanthropy is in Dolly Parton’s blood, who believes that being generous has nothing to do with being rich.

RSS Chief concerned with widening gulf between rich and poor

Observing that the gulf between the rich and poor people has widened since economic liberalisation, the RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat advocated economic reforms to usher in socio-economic equity and eradication of poverty.

I’m only interested in really really rich guys: Courtney Love

Rocker Courtney Love has admitted that she’s only interested in rich guys.

Selective abortion of girls on rise among rich

Between 42 lakh and 1.21 crore
female foetuses were selectively aborted in the country in the
last three decades and wealthy and educated families are
increasingly going for abortion of the second girl child.

Selective abortion of girls on rise among rich, educated:Study

More and more Indian families, particularly those which are more wealthy and educated, are going for selective abortion of the second girl child if their first-born too was a girl, claims a new study.

Rich, young women prone to melanoma

Melanoma appears higher in girls and young women living in higher socioeconomic neighborhoods.

Rich, young women prone to melanoma

Melanoma appears higher in girls and young women living in higher socioeconomic neighborhoods.

Poor are better at empathy than the rich: study

It`s said that money can`t buy you happiness, now a new study finds that it neither buys you empathy or at least the ability to convey it.

Being good with numbers `can make you rich`

Couples who score well on a test of numeracy are likely to earn more wealth.

Norway best for good life in an ever richer world

The going only seems to get
better in Norway which was on Thursday named by the United Nations
as the country with the best quality of life for a record-
matching eighth time.