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Pak court drops blasphemy case against Rimsha

The 14-year-old Christian girl accused of blasphemy for burning pages of Quran, was on Tuesday exempted of all charges against her by Islamabad High Court in Pakistan.

Pak releases cleric in Christian girl blasphemy case

Khalid Chishti was detained on September 1 on a charge of blasphemy for desecrating the Quran and planting evidence that was used against the girl Rimsha Masih.

Witnesses in Pak blasphemy case turn hostile

The men who had accused a cleric of tampering evidence to implicate Rimsha in blasphemy case withdrew their statements.

Pak Christian girl to be transferred to juvenile court

A Pakistani court ordered the police to transfer the case of young Christian girl Rimsha Masih, accused of blasphemy, to a juvenile court.

Pak ‘blasphemy’ girl case: Interim charge sheet submitted

Rimsha was arrested on August 16 after a neighbour accused her of burning papers containing verses from the Quran, in breach of Pak’s blasphemy laws.

File chargesheet in blasphemy case: Pak court

A Pak court gave police time till Sep 21 to file chargesheet against the young mentally challenged Christian girl Rimsha Masih accused of blasphemy.

I fear for my life: Pak girl accused of blasphemy

A teenage mentally-challenged Pakistani Christian girl, accused of blasphemy on Tuesday said she fears for her life.

Pakistan: Christian girl moved to undisclosed place

Rimsha Masih, who was accused of blasphemy, has been moved from police headquarters in Islamabad to an undisclosed location for security reasons.

Dramatic prison release for Pak girl accused of blasphemy

Rimsha saw a dramatic release from prison, as she was whisked to the helicopter and flown to a secret location.

‘Pak Christian blasphemy girl did not leave her home on day of incident’

Pak Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Rimsha Masih, the minor Christian girl accused of blasphemy, had not left her home on the day of the incident.

Pak blasphemy case: Christian girl granted bail

Rimsha Masih was arrested after being falsely implicated in a blasphemy case by the cleric of a mosque.

Pakistan`s Christian minority outraged by arrest

Pakistan`s embattled Christian minority is outraged by the arrest of a young, mentally challenged girl accused of insulting Islam.

No bail for Pakistan blasphemy girl

Rimsha Masih was accused of burning pages of a primer used to teach children the Quran and was booked by police under the harsh blasphemy law.

Blasphemy case: Pak cleric can get life sentence

A man told a law officer that cleric Khalid Jadoon Chishti had planted evidence against Rimsha Masih.

Pakistani daily seeks national debate on blasphemy

A Muslim cleric is accused of stashing pages of a Quran in a Christian girl`s bag to make it seem like she burned the Islamic holy book.

Pak blasphemy: Imam sent to 2-week police custody

Rimsha Masih was accused by an angry mob of burning papers containing verses from the Quran.

Pak Christian girl`s bail hearing postponed

Rimsha Masih`s mother Irshad Bibi had submitted a bail plea on August 25 but the girl had not signed the power of attorney.

Zardari asked to release Pak girl charged of blasphemy

Rimsha Masih faces the death penalty for allegedly burning pages with verses from the Quran.

‘Blasphemy girl being favoured by doctors, officials`

The lawyer of the person who accused a minor Christian girl of committing blasphemy, has claimed that doctors and officials are "favouring" the girl.

Pak `too weak` to handle blasphemy girl accusers

Rimsha Masih, believed to be around 14 years of age, was allegedly seen burning pages inscribed with Quranic verses.