Sea-level rise accelerating, say scientists

Sea-level rise is accelerating, not declining as some have hoped, scientists said Monday citing melt water from Earth's ice sheets as the likely cause.

Climate talks: `Raise your voice, not sea level` – UN

The United Nations seized World Environment Day today to demand action on climate change to protect small island states threatened by rising seas, drought and floods.

New faultlines widen at UN climate talks

Fraught UN climate talks revealed growing frustration this week among vulnerable nations and observers with the political stance of emerging economies like China and India in the battle to stave off dangerous Earth warming.

Rising sea level threatens India`s coastal areas

Most vulnerable stretches along the western Indian coast are Khambat and Kutch in Gujarat, Mumbai and parts of the Konkan coast and south Kerala.

`Rising sea level greatest climate change threat`

The rise of the sea level would be the greatest threat to the world in the days to come.

Major cities, including Kolkata, at risk from rising sea level

A large no. of cities across the world, including Kolkata, are at risk from the threat of rising sea level due to global warming, a major global study has claimed.