Yemen FM calls for coalition to send ground troops

Yemen`s foreign minister called Wednesday for a Saudi-led military coalition targeting Shiite rebels in his country to send ground troops.

Pak sends delegation to Saudi over military support on Yemen

Pakistan today dispatched a high- level delegation to Riyadh to hold talks with Saudi leadership that requested military help to a coalition of mainly Gulf states fighting Houthi rebels in Yemen, officials said.

Two policemen injured in drive-by shooting in Riyadh: police

Two Saudi police officers were wounded in a drive-by shooting in the capital Riyadh on Sunday, a police spokesman said.

Saudi navy evacuates diplomats from Yemen`s Aden

Saudi warships evacuated dozens of foreign diplomats from Yemen`s main southern city Aden hours before the kingdom launched an air war on advancing Shiite rebels, state media announced on Saturday.

UAE warplanes took part in Yemen strikes: Coalition

United Arab Emirates warplanes "intensively" participated in air strikes against Shiite rebels and their allies in Yemen Friday, the Saudi-led coalition said.

Yemen President lands in Saudi capital

Yemen`s embattled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi arrived Thursday in Riyadh, which is leading a coalition against Shiite rebels threatening his rule, the official Saudi Press Agency reported.

Saudi says Iran should not get 'undeserved' nuclear deals

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said on Monday that Iran, which is negotiating with world powers on its nuclear programme, should not get "undeserved deals".

Five Indian students injured in a car accident in Saudi Arabia

Five Indian students were critically injured in a car accident while returning home after finishing their examination in Saudi Arabia's Al-Rehab district.

US missions in Saudi Arabia extend cancellation of services

A US official says the Embassy in Riyadh and two other diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia will remain closed for consular services due to security concerns.

Saudi Arabia says it ensures `justice for all`

Saudi Arabia`s Islamic-based legal system ensures "justice for all" and the country`s women have made significant strides, the kingdom`s cabinet affirmed on Monday, responding to criticism by Sweden`s foreign minister.

New Saudi execution takes year's tally to 45

A man convicted of murder was beheaded in the Saudi capital on Monday, amid a steep rise in the number of executions in the ultra-conservative Gulf kingdom this year.

US warns Western oil workers in Saudi Arabia of attacks

Western oil workers in Saudi Arabia risk being attacked or kidnapped by "terrorist" groups in the OPEC kingpin, the US embassy in Riyadh said in a warning posted online.

Saudi Arabia 'gang' leader 44th beheaded this year

The beheading of a gang leader in Saudi Arabia on Thursday raised the number of executions carried out this year to 44, already more than half the total for 2014.

Filipino beheaded in Saudi Arabia for killing boss

Saudi Arabia on Monday beheaded a Filipino convicted of murdering his boss, bringing to 40 the number of executions this year.

Saudi FM urges coalition to face IS challenge 'on the ground'

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal called on Thursday on the US-led coalition conducting air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq to fight the jihadists on the ground.

Another Saudi beheading adds to 'unprecedented' pace

Saudi Arabia beheaded one of its citizens for murder Thursday, adding to what Amnesty International has called an unprecedented pace of executions in the kingdom.

Saudi consul released after three years as hostage in Yemen

A Saudi Arabian diplomat returned to Riyadh on Monday after he was released by kidnappers in Yemen where he spent three years as a hostage, the kingdom`s Interior Ministry said in a statement carried by state media. 

Leaders of Egypt, Turkey in Saudi Arabia

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi arrived Sunday in Riyadh, as his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is accused of backing the Cairo-banned Muslim Brotherhood, also visited Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabian court orders beheading of man for tearing up Koran and hitting it with shoe

A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a death penalty to a man who has been found guilty of tearing up the holy Koran and hitting it with a shoe, reports claimed on Tuesday.

Saudi blogger Badawi again avoids flogging: Amnesty

Saudi Arabian blogger Raef Badawi avoided further flogging on Friday, Amnesty International said, marking the fifth straight week that his 1,000-lash sentence has not been carried out.