Zimbabwe VP denies plot to kill Mugabe

Zimbabwe's vice president says reports that she is planning to assassinate President Robert Mugabe are false and she is ready to defend herself in court if necessary.

Zimbabwe ruling party suspends officials seen as Mugabe critics

Zimbabwe`s ruling ZANU-PF party suspended several senior officials aligned to Vice-President Joice Mujuru on Friday, weakening her position in an fierce battle to succeed ageing President Robert Mugabe.

Malawi drops diplomat who called Mugabe `idiot` from Zimbabwe post

A Malawian diplomat who once described Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe as an `idiot` will no longer be posted to Harare, Foreign Minister George Chaponda said Tuesday.

Mugabe`s wife threatens vice president as succession battle intensifies

President Robert Mugabe`s increasingly powerful wife Grace has threatened Zimbabwe`s vice president with expulsion from the ruling party, throwing a fierce succession battle into the open.

Mugabe neighbour fined over roaming dogs

A neighbour of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has been fined for allowing his dogs to hunt on the 90-year-old leader`s land, state media reported Tuesday.

Roaming dogs land Mugabe`s neighbour in court

A neighbour of Zimbabwe`s Robert Mugabe has appeared in court on charges of allowing his dogs to roam on the 90-year old president`s private residence, state media reported today.

Opposition in trouble as Zimbabwe nears political crossroads

Bitter infighting within Zimbabwe`s opposition risks fatally weakening President Robert Mugabe`s political foes just as the sun has begun to set on his 33-year rule.

Zimbabwe`s President says no plans to seize foreign firms

Zimbabwe`s veteran President Robert Mugabe on Friday tried to assure spooked foreign investors that his indigenisation policy is not about asset seizures, softening his tone amid renewed economic troubles.

Hit by `hard times`, Robert Mugabe accepts USD 4,000 a month

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has said he gets by on a modest salary of USD 4,000 a month because of the "hard times" facing the country, state media reported today.

Zimbawe`s Mugabe slams Europe`s `homosexual nonsense`

Zimbabwe`s strong man ruler Robert Mugabe lashed out at Europe`s "homosexual nonsense" and condemned the refusal of its leaders to accept his grip on power in his latest marathon tirade on Friday.

Zimbabwe`s Mugabe shuns EU-Africa talks after wife not invited

Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe will boycott next week`s mammoth EU-Africa summit after his wife was denied a visa to enter Europe, a foreign ministry official said on Friday.

Zimbabwe`s Mugabe celebrates 90th birthday

Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe Sunday celebrated his 90th birthday with tens of thousands of Zimbabweans, a milestone that no other founding fathers of African nations has achieved in office, Xinhua reported.

EU lifts sanctions on Zimbabwe officials not Mugabe

The European Union confirmed Wednesday the suspension of restrictive measures on Zimbabwe`s eight senior military and government officials, but kept them on the country`s President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe in Singapore for eye operation ahead of 90th birthday

President Robert Mugabe is in Singapore for an eye operation ahead of his 90th birthday on Friday, a spokesman said, maintaining a government denial that Zimbabwe`s long-serving ruler is suffering from prostate cancer.

EU suspends Zimbabwe sanctions, leaves Mugabe blacklisted: Source

European Union is ready to suspend most of its remaining sanctions against Zimbabwe but President Robert Mugabe and his wife will remain blacklisted.

Robert Mugabe`s party to raise $1 mn for his 90th birthday

Zimbabwe`s ruling party aims to raise up to USD 1 million for country`s President Robert Mugabe`s birthday party who will turn 90 next month.

Robert Mugabe appears in public to mourn sister

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has made his first public appearance this year, quashing speculation about his health as he mourns his sister`s death.

Zimbabwe`s envoy to Australia asks for asylum: Media

Zimbabwe`s ambassador to Australia is asking Canberra for asylum, lashing out at her country`s "illegitimate" government and voicing fears for her safety if she returns home at the end of her posting next week, reports said Saturday.

Mugabe mourns `champion of the oppressed` Mandela

Zimbabwe`s President Robert Mugabe paid tribute to Nelson Mandela on Saturday, describing the South African liberation icon as "a champion of the oppressed".

I`m no British clone, says Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe`s long-time President Robert Mugabe says he doesn`t want anyone to be fooled by his impeccable Western style of dress and his precise, teacherly use of English: He is African through and through.