Karl Urban joins 'Pete's Dragon' remake
Karl Urban joins 'Pete's Dragon' remake

Actor Karl Urban has joined the cast of Disney's 'Pete's Dragon' remake.

Robert Redford says freedom of expression in danger post Paris attack
Robert Redford says freedom of expression in danger post Paris attack

Robert Redford has said that there is an attack on freedom of expression in many places and it's not exclusive to Paris but the Paris attack was a wake-up call.

Sundance London 2015 cancelled

This year's edition of Sundance London, which aimed to promote smaller filmmakers has been cancelled. The film and music festival's future is still unsure, according to reports. 

Robert Redford to join Disney's 'Pete's Dragon'
Robert Redford to join Disney's 'Pete's Dragon'

Robert Redford is reportedly in talks to join Disney's 'Pete's Dragon', which would be a remake of its 1977 classic children's movie.

Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett in political drama `Truth`

Veteran actor-director Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett will reportedly star as Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes in political drama `Truth`.

Robert Redford in talks to star in `Come Sunday`

Veteran actor-director Robert Redford is in talks to play late Oral Roberts in director Jonathan Demme`s movie `Come Sunday`.

Robert Redford raps studio after Oscars snub

Veteran US actor Robert Redford said Thursday he was not upset by failing to win an Oscar nomination, but said the distributors of his latest film did not campaign fully for it.

Robert Redford to make political documentary about Chicago

Veteran movie star Robert Redford is all set to make a documentary series centered on the people and politics of Chicago, Illinois.

I should have flirted with Robert Redford and Paul Newman, says Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart has admitted that she didn`t flirt with Hollywood heartthrobs Robert Redford and Paul Newman as a young woman.

Robert Redford to star in `Captain America` sequel

Robert Redford is in talks to join the cast of the `Captain America` sequel.

Sundance not fun with people like Paris Hilton: Robert Redford

As the likes of Paris Hilton and Wilmer Valderrama descend upon Park City, Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford admits that it has all become too much of a circus.

Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz join `Save the Arctic` campaign

Stars Paul McCartney, Penelope Cruz and Robert Redford are backing a new campaign to save the Arctic.

Robert Redford slams 3-D technology

Robert Redford says he is not a fan of 3-D technology in films.

Robert Redford to revisit Watergate

Robert Redford, who acted in an award-winning movie about Watergate more than 30 years ago, is set to produce a documentary on the US political scandal.

Robert Redford brings Sundance Film Festival to London

Actor turned film-maker Robert Redford is bringing his Sundance Festival to London.

Robert Redford laments not being asked to star in movies anymore

Actor Robert Redford was heard lamenting about the fact that no one asks him to star in movies anymore.

Robert Redford knighted by Nicolas Sarkozy

Redford was knighted by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.