Joel Kinnaman to join 'Suicide Squad'
Joel Kinnaman to join 'Suicide Squad'

  'Robocop' star Joel Kinnaman is reportedly set to replace Tom Hardy in the DC super-villain movie 'Suicide Squad', which is set to start production in April.

For women safety: Robocop to stop perverts on trains in Japan

In an unusual move, the Japanese police has recruited a `Robocop` on public trains to protect women commuters from perverts.

Oscar is a fantasy for Abbie Cornish

Abbie Cornish, whose latest film "RoboCop" hits theatres Friday, is in awe of the Oscars since her childhood. She says the coveted award is now a fantasy for her.

Will `Robocop` be the future of warfare?

Jose Padilha has revealed that he believes the reality of a "Robocop" in U.S. military isn`t science-fiction any more.

Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish are now great friends

Abbie Cornish says she was initially nervous to work with Gary Oldman in their forthcoming movie 'RoboCop', but soon they became friends.

Michael Keaton says new `Robocop` costume is `sissy suit`

Michael Keaton has revealed that the new ` Robocop` costume is a ``sissy suit`` in comparison with the cumbersome black rubber suit he wore while filming `Batman` in 1989.

`Robocop` to `The Raid 2: Hollywood promises exciting slate in 2014

Hollywood, with its exciting lineup of films in 2014, will offer several reasons for film buffs to throng theatres.

Brazilian filmmaker to direct `Robocop` remake

Jose Padilha, the director of the violent Brazilian `Elite Squad` cop movies, is in talks to direct a remake of `Robocop`.

Britons create world`s first workable bionic legs

The bionic legs, which weigh 38 kg, allow paraplegics to walk again.