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NIIT to train 20,000 students on IoT, robotics, VR

NIIT to train 20,000 students on IoT, robotics, VR

The company will launch the new courses from next month to be offered from its centres and later extend them to engineering colleges later.

Paper-based multifunctional artificial skin could transform medicine, robotics

Paper-based multifunctional artificial skin could transform medicine, robotics

The flexible, paper-based skin is layered onto a post-it note, with paper, aluminium foil, lint-free wipes, and pencil lines acting as sensing components.  

New lab to provide researchers remote access to robots

Aimed at boosting research in robotics, the Georgia Institute of Technology is building a new laboratory that would allow roboticists from around the US to conduct experiments remotely.

Indian-origin teen creates low-cost robotic arm

Indian-origin teen creates low-cost robotic arm

A 17-year-old Indian-origin teenager has won accolades for an inexpensive robotic arm he created for his school science fair project in California state of the US.

Seahorse-inspired robots to assist in surgeries

The little seahorse is inspiring researchers to build robots that have capabilities sometimes at odds with one another - flexible, but also tough and strong.

Russia, China sign pact on robotics, high-tech innovations

In a significant instance of BRICS cooperation ahead of Russia assuming the group's chair in July, its Skolkovo Foundatiion and China's Cybernaut Investment Group signed an agreement on Tuesday to jointly develop, finance and market high-tech innovations.

NASA space apps challenge to spark innovation

NASA space apps challenge to spark innovation

NASA and other space agencies are preparing for the fourth annual "International Space Apps Challenge" which will be held online at more than 135 locations worldwide April 10-12.

Indian IT firms eye robotics, driverless cars for next round of growth

After decades of low-margin work like server maintenance, India`s information technology services firms are moving upscale in search of lucrative contracts for driverless cars and other advanced projects as online innovation changes clients` needs.

Now, 'soft' Robot Octopus that can swim

Scientists have developed a soft "Robot Octopus" that is not only capable of swimming swiftly, but is also capable of carrying objects in its tentacles and crawling.

Interested in soft robotics? Download this toolkit

Interested in soft robotics? Download this toolkit

Experienced and aspiring researchers interested in soft robotics can now avail of a4 toolkit that is an online treasure trove of downloadable, open-source plans, how-to videos and case studies to assist them in controlling soft robotic devices.

New algorithm allows robots to walk with broken legs

Researchers have developed an algorithm that allows a robot to teach itself to walk with a broken or damaged leg.

`Soft machines` to power new-age robots

Researchers have developed a technique that might be used to produce "soft machines" made of elastic materials and liquid metals for potential applications in robotics, medical devices and consumer electronics.

The robo maker

The developing robotics industry has some lucrative jobs in store. Prachi Regespeaks to experts about the need for professionals who will create future Wall-Es.

A visiting robot 

Foreign universities are looking at India for talent to work on their ambitious robotics projects. Gauri Rane chats with representatives of Ireland’s Aberystwyth University to find out more about their Autonomous Sailing Robot or ASR project.

Learn how humans walk

Humans have been walking on earth for over a million years and researchers are now close to figuring out how they do it.

Now, you can have a robotic device `mother` you

A French company is set to launch a new robotic device that can take care you.

Mexican engineer makes piano-playing robot

A Mexican engineer has designed and built a robot said to be the world`s "most advanced robot pianist" with 10 degrees of movement, his engineering school said.

NASA`s new robot Valkyrie may explore Mars in future

NASA has unveiled their new "superhero" robot Valkyrie that could one day be used to explore Mars.

Robonaut aboard ISS getting fresh set of legs to conquer space

NASA engineers are in the process of developing climbing legs for the International Space Station`s robotic crewmember Robonaut 2 (R2).

Jellyfish to help improve bio-inspired robotic designs

Researchers have discovered a way in which jellyfish are able to move with the lowest cost of transport of any animal.