21-yr-old WSU undergrad discovers how to detect water on Mars
21-yr-old WSU undergrad discovers how to detect water on Mars

An undergraduate from Washington State University has developed a new method for detecting water on Mars.

Manics wants to make the biggest rock record

Rock band Manic Street Preachers wants to make the biggest album ever before it retires.

NASA`s Curiosity Rover finds iron meteorites on Mars

In a significant finding, NASA`s Mars rover Curiosity has discovered its first meteorites on the red planet, which scientists have named `Lebanon` and its smaller companion `Lebanon B`.

New type of rock formed from plastic waste

Researchers have discovered a new type of rock created by melted plastic trash on a beach in Hawaii.

Vanessa Hudgens posts edgy rock selfie on Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens posted an edgy rock selfie with vampish dark lips and killer long nails on Instagram and urged her fans to `change the world.`

NASA’s rover Curiosity find `Australia` on Mars

In a fascinating finding, NASA’s rover Curiosity`s camera has spotted a rock on Mars that looks like Australia.

Mick Jagger not interested in memoir

Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is not interested in writing his autobiography and would rather spend his time doing something "new".

Elvis Presley items displayed at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Elvis Presley`s personal stuff like his stylish ID bracelet and custom-made motorcycle is being displayed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Jack White awarded Honorary Dean title in Mexico

Rocker Jack White has been named the Honorary Dean of a music school in Mexico City.

Man fined 1000 pounds after blaring `Candle In The Wind` nonstop for 18 hours

A man from the UK, who blasted Elton John`s hit ` Candle In The Wind` non-stop for 18 hours has been fined 1000 pounds by city magistrates.

Guns N` Roses wow rock fans on maiden India tour

Rock legends Guns N` Roses had fans grooving to their tunes in entertainment capital Mumbai during their maiden India tour.

Bramhanaad give a decent performance

Delhi kept its date with music, in its continuing efforts to give the new age music lover his dose of good stuff as the atmosphere at Power Play Sports Bar, Gurgaon was dipped in the rhythms of a mix of folk and fusion.

Alice Cooper says kids of today are ‘afraid’ to rock

Alice Cooper has expressed his disappointment with today’s young generation over their reluctance to fully embrace rock music and live its lifestyle.

Bhubaneswar rocked by mild earthquake

An earthquake of mild intensity
having a magnitude of 2.9 on the Richter Scale was recorded
near here on Tuesday, officials said.

Bengali bands rock, make themselves heard!

Bengali music bands are creating an enviable fan following at home and abroad.

Ancient Martian rock minerals formed in habitable environment

A new analysis has suggested that a rock found on Mars in 1996, which was claimed by scientists to host life, has minerals which could have only been formed in a habitable environment.