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Mob destroys mosque as religious, ethnic tension rises in Myanmar

Mob destroys mosque as religious, ethnic tension rises in Myanmar

Villagers from Thayethamin, a remote settlement a two-hours` drive northeast of Myanmar`s largest city, Yangon, destroyed the mosque on Thursday. 

Myanmar Rohingya boat dead `forced` to travel by sea: Witnesses

Witnesses to a boat capsize that left some 20 people dead, including children, say the victims were from the persecuted Rohingya Muslim minority and blamed the tragedy on restrictions that forced them to journey by sea.

Rohingya Muslims trafficked to Saudi Arabia to join ISIS using fake Indian passports: Report

Rohingya Muslims trafficked to Saudi Arabia to join ISIS using fake Indian passports: Report

A human trafficking racket busted in Delhi has revealed that fake Indian passports were used to traffic Rohingya Muslims.

US hails Myanmar vote as 'important step forward'

US hails Myanmar vote as 'important step forward'

Millions of people cast their ballots for the first time in a quarter of a century.

Islamic group hack six government websites in Thailand

Six official websites of Thai government were hacked on Monday allegedly by an Islamic group from Tunisia which posted pictures of Rohingya Muslims fleeing persecution in Myanmar on the webpages.

UN rights envoy says meeting with Myanmar's Rohingya blocked

A UN human rights envoy says her whirlwind visit to Myanmar was marred by disappointments: She was barred from meeting long-persecuted Rohingya Muslims.

Govt calls meet with seven states on Rohingya Muslims on July 20

 Concerned over more than one lakh Rohingya Muslims settling in India, the Centre has convened a meeting of top officials of seven states, including UP and Jammu and Kashmir, on July 20 to discuss monitoring their activities given their vulnerablility to radicalisation.

UNHRC adopts resolution on Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims

The UN rights body on Friday adopted without a vote a resolution on addressing the human rights situation of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar, nearly a month after a regional crisis erupted with hundreds of migrants from the nation found adrift in the Bay of Bengal.

US highlights rights abuses in Myanmar

The United States on Thursday voiced concern about "significant human rights problems" in Myanmar, shining a light notably on persistent abuses against the minority Rohingya Muslims.

37 Bangladeshi migrants return from Myanmar

Thirty-seven Bangladeshi migrants have returned home after being rescued by the Myanmar authorities at sea, a media report said on Friday.

In Myanmar's election year, radical Buddhism heightens tension

When religious violence erupted in Meiktila in central Myanmar two years ago, local politician Win Htein spoke up for the minority Muslims who bore its deadly brunt. Many of his fellow Buddhists have never forgiven him.

Malala Yousafzai calls on world leaders to save Rohingya Muslims

Nobel Peace Prize winner and educational activist Malala Yousafzai on Monday spoke up for the rights of Rohingya Muslims, urging influential world leaders to take action against the persecution of the minority group.

Migrants returned to Bangladesh and an uncertain future

Some 150 migrants found adrift in a boat off Myanmar`s coast were transferred under armed guard to neighbouring Bangladesh Monday, returning them to a life of grinding poverty many tried to flee months ago.

Migrants trapped in tussle between Myanmar and Bangladesh

 Unwanted by Bangladesh and unwelcome in Myanmar, hundreds of stick-thin migrants found adrift at sea as a transnational trafficking route collapsed are now living in tents on a frontier scrubland.

Cambodia admits first asylum-seekers under Australia deal

Cambodia received its first batch of asylum-seekers from Australian custody on Thursday, with rights groups labelling them "human guinea pigs" for an uncaring policy by Canberra to offload refugees onto other countries.

Myanmar lands 700 migrants, US says Rohingya should be citizens

Myanmar brought ashore more than 700 "boat people" it had kept at sea for days aboard a seized vessel, as the United States on Wednesday called on the country to help solve a migrant crisis by recognising the rights of its Muslim Rohingya minority.

Myanmar needs to treat Rohingya as citizens: US

Myanmar`s government needs to treat minority Rohingya Muslims as citizens to solve the root cause of the migrant crisis in Southeast Asia, US Assistant Secretary of State Anne Richard said on Wednesday.

Rohingya huddled in Bangladesh camps fear plan to move them on

More than 20 years after the first wave of Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar, fear is spreading through the sweltering camps of mud houses where they found shelter in southern Bangladesh that they will soon be on the move again.

Myanmar escorting boat crammed with migrants to "safe" area

 Myanmar said a boat crammed with 727 migrants that it has kept stranded at sea for days was being escorted to a "safe" area for identity checks, bringing fresh criticism that it was only prolonging the suffering of people desperate to come ashore. 

Migrant crisis: Senior Thai army officer wanted in trafficking probe

An arrest warrant has been issued for a high-ranking army officer over human trafficking, Thai police said today, making him the first military figure in Thailand to be implicated in the grim trade in migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh.