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Suu Kyi makes first UN speech as Myanmar leader

Suu Kyi makes first UN speech as Myanmar leader

Suu Kyi's appearance Monday at the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations is the latest landmark in a personal and national transformation as the country also known as Burma emerges from five decades of military rule.

Suu Kyi urged to recognise Rohingyas as Myanmarese

Suu Kyi arrived in Thailand on Thursday on a three-day visit, during which she will address the issue of immigrants and refugees from her country.

Rohingya issue must be addressed ''carefully'': Suu Kyi

Rohingya issue must be addressed ''carefully'': Suu Kyi

 Myanmar`s opposition leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has urged the government to "carefully" handle the country`s ethnic minorities issue, especially the Rohingyas.

Two Thais arrested for trafficking of Bangladeshis, Rohingya

 Thai authorities have arrested two men with human trafficking, police said on Tuesday, following the discovery of 134 suspected victims in southern Thailand at a time when the military government is under international pressure to tackle the crime.

Bangladesh prohibits marriage with Myanmar`s Muslim Rohingyas

Bangladesh has banned official marriages between its nationals and Myanmar`s Muslim Rohingya refugees as they wed and use the marriage certificate for getting citizenship and Bangladeshi passports.

US asks Myanmar to provide security in Rakhine state

The Rohingya are described by the UN as among the world`s most persecuted minorities, and are not officially recognised as citizens in Burma since 1982.

‘Myanmar authorities not doing enough to protect Rohingyas’

Human Rights Watch has said that the authorities in Burma need to do more to protect displaced Rohingyas.

Bangladesh under fire from MSF for refugee crackdown

Bangladesh has unleashed a crackdown of unprecedented violence against Muslim refugees from neighbouring Myanmar, a report by humanitarian group Medecins Sans Frontieres said on Thursday.

Thailand repatriates illegal Bangladeshi migrants

A group of 200 ethnic Rohingyas was repatriated to Bangladesh late Wednesday from Thailand, more than a year after the group tried to illegally migrate to Malaysia before being detained in Thai waters.