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Islamic State blows up prisoners tied to ancient pillars

Islamic State killed three captives in Syria by tying them to Roman-era columns in the ancient city of Palmyra

Disproving Shakespeare: The greatest Roman in literary fiction

Only a few historical figures retain their renown in the relentless march of time, with one yardstick being widespread, continuing depictions across various cultures.

Jihadists kill 4 near Roman ruins in Tunisia: Ministry

Jihadists shot dead two people in a car at a roadblock near Roman ruins in Tunisia and two policemen who later sped to the scene, the interior ministry said on Sunday.

Cate Blanchett`s speedy beauty routine

Actress Cate Blanchett says she often applies her make-up on the go because her mornings are so busy.

Peru, India mulling air link

If possible, Air India could open fights from New Delhi to Lima and other regional capitals via Panama, Xinhua quoted Canatur head Carlos Canales as saying Tuesday.

2,000-year-old poo reveals Romans` rich diet

A British team has unearthed tonnes of 2,000-year-old ancient Roman poo from a sewer, throwing light on Romans` rich diet of urchins, dormice and figs, a media report said Wednesday.

Remains of ancient Roman virgin saints uncovered

Scientists have all the evidence to suggest that the bones do belong to Chrysanthus and Daria.

Roman mausoleum found under tonnes of garbage

Nearly 2,000-year-old mausoleum buried under tonnes of garbage was found.

Roman Emperor Nero`s first house `virtually reconstructed`

Roman emperor Nero had destroyed the ancient Rome itself by setting the Great Fire in 64 AD.

Roman mummy uncovered

Egyptian archaeologists unearthed a Roman mummy entombed in an elaborate sarcophagus at an ancient grave site alongside gypsum masks, the antiquities council said in a statement Tuesday.

Roman law code

Part of an ancient Roman law code has been discovered by researchers.

Roman ruins

An ancient Roman ruin has been discovered by builders at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, UK.

Roman salthouse

Archaeological have found a 2,000-yr-old Roman salthouse in England.

2K yr-old amphitheatre

A team of archaeologists has discovered a 2000-year-old Roman amphitheatre near Tiberias in Israel.

Roman military camp sites

Archaeologists have unearthed three Roman military camp sites in Austria.

City of David

Authority has found a large 3rd century building in the City of David.

Ancient Roman shipwrecks

Archaeologists have found five ancient Roman shipwrecks.

Roman-era garrison

Archaeologists in Syria have found the largest Roman garrison in Mideast.