Russell Brand making rap album?

Funnyman Russell Brand is reportedly trying his luck in singing now.

Dating famous men easier for Katy Perry

Katy Perry may find fame "disgusting", but admits it`s easier to date famous men because they understand her life and schedule.

Divorce from Russell was emotionally traumatic: Katy Perry

`Roar` hitmaker Katy Perry says her divorce from Russell Brand was emotionally devastating.

Katy Perry spills the beans on John Mayer split

Katy Perry has opened up about her split from John Mayer and said that there is no bad blood between them but there will be inspired songs.

Katy Perry says she would never have `one night stand`

Katy Perry is "not super strict", or has rules when it comes to sex, but the beauty admits she would never go for one night stands.

`It took lot of therapy to get over Russell Brand`, says Katy Perry

Katy Perry has revealed that getting over her divorce from Russell Brand took a lot of therapy.

When Russell Brand skipped train fare

Comedian Russell Brand has said that he had once avoided paying for public transport.

Russell Brand wants kids with Jemima Khan

Actor Russell Brand is reportedly keen to settle down and start a family with girlfriend Jemima Khan.

Russell Brand turns soccer expert for charity

Russell Brand became a TV soccer pundit to raise money for a charity.

Russell Brand turns soccer guru on `Match of the Day`

Comedian Russell Brand has now become a TV soccer pundit.

Russell Brand engaged to Jemima Khan?

Comedian Russell Brand and girlfriend Jemima Khan have fuelled rumours that they are engaged after she was spotted wearing a diamond ring.

Russell Brand plans to buy property In India?

Funnyman Russell Brand is reportedly determined to buy property in India and live there six months a year.

Russell Brand`s mother has breast cancer

Funnyman Russell Brand has been forced to cancel his show in Derby after it emerged his mother Barbara has breast cancer.

Katy Perry says Russell Brand wanted kids ` to control her`

Katy Perry has revealed that her former husband Russell Brand wanted to have kids so that he could control her.

Pamela Anderson, Russell Brand and Mike Tyson approached for `Vernon God Little`

Pamela Anderson, Russell Brand and Mike Tyson are in talks to bag roles in director Werner Herzog`s new movie `Vernon God Little`.

Philip Seymour Hoffman a victim of drug laws: Russell Brand

Russell Brand has said that Philip Seymour Hoffman was a victim of "stupid" drug laws.

Is Russell Brand planning to propose to Jemima Khan?

Speculations are rife that Russell Brand is planning to pop the question to his girlfriend of five months Jemima Khan.

Russell Brand celebrates birthday in advance with girlfriend

Russell Brand threw an early birthday bash for his girlfriend Jemima Khan.

Russell Brand, Kevin Kennedy team up against addiction

Russell Brand has teamed up with former `Coronation Street` actor Kevin Kennedy to open a dry pub to help people recovering from alcohol.

Relationship with Jemima is different: Russell Brand

Ruseell Brand said that his relationship with Jemima Khan was like no other he has ever had.