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India to acquire Akula 2 class nuclear submarine from Russia for USD 2 billion

India to acquire Akula 2 class nuclear submarine from Russia for USD 2 billion

Russia has agreed to lease a second nuclear submarine to India in a deal which will cost around USD 2 billion.

Russian Navy joins Air Force in attacking IS targets in Syria

Russian warships based in the Caspian Sea have joined the country's air campaign against the Islamic State (IS) in Syria by launching over two dozen cruise missiles on targets of the terrorist group, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Wednesday.

Russian Navy evacuates over 300 from Yemen: Official

A Russian navy ship has evacuated 308 people of various nationalities from war-torn Yemen, a defence ministry official said Sunday.

Putin puts Northern Fleet on alert for Arctic exercises: Report

 President Vladimir Putin has ordered the Russian Navy`s Northern Fleet and paratrooper units to go on full alert as part of snap military exercises in the Arctic, RIA news agency quoted the defence minister as saying on Monday.

Work starts on Russian Navy's landing vessel Pyotr Morgunov

 Work has started on Russian Navy`s latest landing vessel, Pyotr Morgunov, media reported.

Russian Navy successfully tests new missile

The Russian Navy has successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile for a second time in as many months, proving its reliability following a troublesome development.

Russia successfully test-fires new Navy missile

The Russian Navy has successfully test-fired a new intercontinental ballistic missile, proving its reliability after a long and troublesome development.

Russian navy starts drills in Black Sea

The Russian Black Sea Fleet has started its military drills, a media report said Saturday.

Armed men seize Ukrainian warship in Crimea

A group of armed men on Saturday seized control of the Slavutich, one of the last navy ships in Crimea still flying Ukraine`s flag, a government spokesman said.

Russian Navy conducts training exercises

Over 3,500 Russian naval infantry and coastal forces participated in unscheduled tactical exercises.

Russia not to use Ukraine`s naval aviation facility

Russia has decided to stop using Ukrainian naval aviation training facility, which it has been renting to train its carrier pilots since 1997, the government said here Tuesday.

Russia capable of saving nationals from Syria: Navy

The Russian naval forces stationed in the Mediterranean Sea are capable of evacuating its nationals from Syria if they receive such a order, the Navy said Friday.

Russia subs military with civilians at Syrian base

Russia has withdrawn all military personnel from its naval base in Syria and replaced them with civilian workers, the Defence Ministry said.

Russian Navy develops mini submarines

Russian shipbuilders are developing new "super mini" submarines, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) state holding company said Friday.

Russia to send permanent navy fleet to Mediterranean

The Russian Navy would station a permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea, Admiral Viktor Chirkov said here Sunday.

‘Assad living on warship guarded by Russian navy’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his family are living on a warship guarded by the Russian navy.

Russian Navy to get over 50 warships by 2016

The Russian Defence Ministry announced unprecedented naval drills in the Mediterranean and Black Seas in late January.

Russian Navy concludes missile drills

The Russian Navy has concluded its missile drills in the northern Pacific, the navy said.

Russia wants naval bases abroad: Navy chief

Russia`s Navy chief says that Moscow is talking to Cuba, Vietnam and the Seychelles about housing Russian Navy ships.

Russians plan hockey match on aircraft carrier

The VHL hopes the Navy will agree to hold the match on the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier.