Russia checks combat readiness of troops in Armenia
Russia checks combat readiness of troops in Armenia

The Russian military ordered Tuesday a snap combat readiness check of its troops stationed in Armenia as the Caucasus country grapples with anti-government protests.

Kiev lists Russian military units allegedly in Ukraine

Ukraine's army chief of staff on Saturday listed for the first time some of the specific Russian military units alleged to be fighting against Kiev alongside pro-Moscow separatists in eastern Ukraine.

Object 2014-28E : A Russian space weapon or space junk?
Object 2014-28E : A Russian space weapon or space junk?

A mysterious object launched by Russia earlier this year has been tracked by the Western space agencies, sparking fears and concerns of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy satellites.

NATO says Russian troops in Ukraine as Kiev readies for combat

NATO has observed columns of Russian military equipment including tanks, artillery and combat troops entering eastern Ukraine in the past two days, the military alliance`s supreme allied commander said Wednesday.

US `very concerned` at eastern Ukraine military buildup

The White House expressed grave concern Sunday at reports of Russian military reinforcements in eastern Ukraine, warning that any separatist efforts to seize more territory would be a "blatant violation" of a ceasefire agreement.

NATO `vigilant` over Russian warplane activity in Europe airspace

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the transatlantic alliance remained vigilant over increased Russian military activity in European airspace.

Britain summons Russian envoy over Ukraine `incursion`

Britain has summoned Moscow`s ambassador to London over reports of a Russian military incursion across its border with Ukraine, the Foreign Office said on Friday.

`Deeply concerned` Obama, warns Russia of `costs` in Ukraine

Barack Obama has expressed deep concern over reported Russian military activity inside Ukraine.

Putin orders military to boost Arctic presence

President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia`s military on Tuesday to step up its presence in the Arctic after Canada signalled its intention to claim the North Pole and surrounding waters.

Russia unveils world`s first `underwater machine gun` ahead of Winter Olympics

Russian military has reportedly unveiled the world`s first underwater machine gun ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi.

Russia seizes Greenpeace ship

A ship with 28 environmental activists of global voluntary organisation Greenpeace on board was seized by the Russian military allegedly in international waters early Friday, Sky News Australia reported.

Foreign defence officials visit Russian military base

Members of foreign delegations attending an international conference on European security visited a military base near Moscow that has a motorized infantry division.

Russian military to make inspection flights over US

A group of Russian military observers will carry out two inspection missions over the US under the Open Skies Treaty between May 19 and June 3, the Russian defence ministry said.

Russian military cuts female staff by two-thirds

Russia`s armed forces have cut around two-thirds of their women in uniform over the past five years, a military official said.

Russian military could `recruit mice` to detect weapons

The Russian military could recruit mice to detect weapons, explosives and drugs, it has been emerged.

Russian military officers charged in food scam

A criminal case has been opened against two Russian military officers who allegedly overstated the value of their soldiers` food rations by more than $200,000.

Russian military faces major reshuffle

Russian President Vladimir Putin sacked Makarov, replacing him with former Central Military District commander Col Gen Valery Gerasimov.

Exploding shells rock Russian military test site

A series of explosions rocked a Russian military test site, releasing giant clouds of smoke over Orenburg and causing aftershocks.

Russian military pay rises, but draft to remain

Although salaries for members of the Russian armed forces are rising fast, the country will continue to rely on conscription in coming years, Defence Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said.

Russian military dumps Unified Nuclear Command plan: Report

Russian Defence Ministry has abandoned plans to set up a unified command structure for the country`s nuclear triad.