Snag delays arrival of crew at space station

An engine snag has delayed the arrival of a Russian spacecraft carrying three astronauts to the International Space Station until tomorrow.

Olympic torch to go on spacewalk for first time as part of Sochi 2014 relay

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics torch will be sent to the International Space Station on board a Russian spacecraft this week.

New Russian spacecraft reusable for up to five flights

Russia`s new reusable spacecraft being developed by the Energia Rocket and Space Corporation will be able to make up to five space flights, the rocket maker said.

Russian space freighter docks with ISS

Russia`s Progress M-18M cargo spacecraft, launched Monday, performed an automated docking with the International Space Station (ISS) early Tuesday.

China`s 1st interplanetary probe hits mars mission

Loss of China’s first interplanetary probe, attached to an ill-fated Russian spacecraft, has cost scientists the chance to conduct breakthrough research on Mars.

Russian spacecraft to crash to Earth Jan 15

A Russian spacecraft designed to burnish the nation`s faded space glory in a mission to one of Mars` moons has turned into one of the heaviest, most toxic pieces of space junk ever.

Russia says spacecraft may crash into Indian Ocean

Russia`s space agency predicts that the fragments of a failed Russian space probe`s could fall into the Indian Ocean, far away from any populated areas.

Russian spacecraft Soyuz docks with ISS

Russian spacecraft, Soyuz TMA-22 docked Wednesday at 09:24 Moscow time (0524 GMT) at the ISS.

`Most dangerous spacecraft to hit Earth soon`

The spacecraft weighs 14.6 tons, and most of that weight is a highly toxic mix of nitrogen teroxide and hydrazine fuel.

Russian cargo flight to space station crashes

A Russian spacecraft supplying six astronauts aboard ISS failed to reach orbit and burned up in the atmosphere.

Russian spacecraft blasts off for space station

A Russian Soyuz craft lit up the starry skies of the southern Kazakh steppe early Wednesday.

Russian spacecraft docks with ISS

A Soyuz capsule carrying two Russians and an American on Thursday successfully docked with the ISS.