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Chechen leader claims Russian spies in Syria to infiltrate IS

At the same time, some Muslim Chechens and other Russians have gone to Syria to support the IS jihadists.

Islamic State video shows child executing `Russian spies`

Islamic State video shows child executing `Russian spies`

The Islamic State jihadist group released a video on Tuesday purporting to show a young boy executing two men accused of working for Russian intelligence services.

UK officer punished for passing nuclear secrets

A Royal Navy petty officer has been sentenced to eight years in prisons for passing nuclear submarine secrets to British intelligence agents impersonating Russian spies.

Germany charges couple with being Russian spies

Andreas Anschlag, 46, a mechanical engineer, and his spouse Heidrun, 52, a housewife, were arrested in a police raid in October last year.

‘Former Russian spies wanted kids to become same’

The FBI swooped down on the ring, after investigators became concerned it had infiltrated a well-connected consulting firm operating in New York and Washington.

FBI releases footage of Russian spies

Secret videos of a group of Russian undercover agents have now been released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

`Suspected Russian spies arrested in Germany`

Two suspected Russian spies operating
in Germany for more than 20 years have been arrested in the
first case of its kind since German reunification.

Medvedev hands top state honours to Russian spies: Kremlin

President Dmitry Medvedev on Monday handed top state honours to the Russian spies deported from the United States in July in the biggest spy scandal since the Cold War, the Kremlin said.

Putin promises "bright life" to Russian spies

PM Vladimir Putin, a former KGB sleuth himself has promised "bright life" to 10
Russian spies exchanged with the US, including `hot spy` Anna Chapman, and even sang patriotic songs with them.

Freed Russian spies undergoing lie detector test: Reports

Russian `spies` freed last
week are undergoing lie detector tests as an evaluation of performances.

Russian spies posed threat to US: Attorney General

While they passed along no US secrets, the 10 Russian sleeper agents involved in the spy swap posed a potential threat to the US and received "hundreds of thousands of dollars" from Russia, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Thousands of Russian spies in US: Ex-CIA agent

There are thousands of Russian
secret agents currently living in the United States, claims a
former double agent who worked for the CIA.

`Russian spies threat to UK`

Former MI5 head believes that Russia still possesses large intel community.

Two Russian spies reveal true identity, kept detained: US

Three of the 10 accused Russian spies held by the US were ordered to stay in detention on Friday.

Spy suspects allegedly used regular consumer tech

Life wasn`t so dashing for the suspected Russian spies arrested this week.