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Indian-origin student, Shani Patel, dies in shooting incident in US; reward offered for information

Indian-origin student, Shani Patel, dies in shooting incident in US; reward offered for information

A 21-year-old Indian-origin student at Rutgers University was killed and his roommate seriously injured in a shooting incident at their apartment near the New Jersey university's Newark campus.

Greenland melting linked to shrinking Arctic sea ice

Greenland melting linked to shrinking Arctic sea ice

Both transport a lot of heat, moisture and clouds over the Greenland ice sheet, leading to more melting, the researchers pointed out.

Scribble to unlock your smartphone soon

Scribble to unlock your smartphone soon

 Someday soon, you may be able to log into your smartphone with sweeping gestures or doodling, using one or more fingers.

Life was no picnic for our ancestors 1.8 million years ago

Life was no picnic for our ancestors 1.8 million years ago

Our human ancestors, who looked like a cross between apes and modern humans, had access to food, water and shady shelter at a site in Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.

Does sexual aggression change female brain?

Women who experience sexual violence are more likely to suffer from depression, PTSD and other mood disorders.

Texting at night is bad for teens' sleep, studies

The new study, by Rutgers University, is the first of its kind to find an association specifically between nighttime texting and the sleep quality and school performance of American teens.

'Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was not Hindu-hating personality'

'Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was not Hindu-hating personality'

Audrey Truschke, a historian at Stanford University and Rutgers University-Newark has claimed that 6th Mughal emperor Aurangzeb issued many orders to protect the Hindu community.

Healthy or sick? Tiny cell bubbles may hold answer

For decades scientists believed that the EV material released by some human cells -- which can only be seen through high-tech electron microscopes -- was nothing more than biological debris.

Aspirin's disease-fighting abilities uncovered

In the study, researchers discovered the interaction between salicylic acid and HMGB1 by screening extracts prepared from human tissue culture cells to find proteins that could bind to salicylic acid.

Anti-cancer drug may sharpen memory

Researchers have found that a drug used in cancer therapy could also sharpen memory and help those with dementia by rewiring the brain and keeping neurons alive.

Third International Hindi Conference to be held in New Jersey

The US-based Hindi Sangam Foundation will be organising the Third International Hindi Conference at Rutgers University, New Jersey from March 4-6, 2016 to promote Hindi in America.

Diet rich in tomatoes may cut breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women

A new study has revealed that a diet rich in tomato may help protect at-risk postmenopausal women from breast cancer.

New way to combat flu virus identified

Researchers, including Indian-origin scientists, have discovered a new way to combat flu by identifying chemical agents that block the virus`s ability to replicate itself in cell culture.

Worms may help explain human ability to handle stress

Worms may help shed light on what causes some people to suffer from life-threatening anxiety disorders while others are better able to cope with stress, scientists say.

FDA approves life saving rapid test for TB

To combat the public health threat posed by deadly tuberculosis around the world, the immunologist has developed a test that can rapidly diagnose and classify the disease in a fraction of the time.

Most intense `edit-wars` on Wikipedia revealed

The most intense ` edit-wars` on `Wikipedia` which is the largest online encyclopaedia site have been revealed by a group of international researchers.

Rutgers University to set up ICCR Chair on Indian Studies

Rutgers University in New Jersey will set up the ICCR Chair of Contemporary Indian Studies.

Computer models that help explain how galaxies formed created

An astronomer makes use of large computers for understanding how galaxies formed billions of years ago and how they continue to evolve in our contemporary universe.

Webcam spying convict won`t be deported to India

Ravi was born in India, lived there until he was 5 years old and remains a citizen, though he is in the US legally.

Dharun Ravi walks out of prison; won`t be deported

India-born student Dharun Ravi was released from a US prison on Tuesday after he completed 20 days of his month-long jail term.