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China's test spacecraft simulates orbital docking

 China has conducted tests close to the moon to simulate an unmanned docking procedure needed in the country's next lunar mission expected to launch in 2017.

China tests new carrier rocket's power system

China Monday said it has completed a successful ground test on the power system of the country's next-generation carrier rocket for its ambitious space programme expected to begin early next year.

China launches advanced HD Earth observation satellite

China on Tuesday successfully launched the most advanced high-definition Earth observation satellite, which could clearly show small objects with clarity in colour.

China`s moon rover goes into third planned dormancy

China`s first lunar rover Jade Rabbit has entered its third “planned dormancy”. It had woken up ten days ago after being declared dead and now has entered its 14-day dormancy yesterday, with the mechanical control issues unresolved.

China`s Chang`e-2 travels past asteroid in deep space

China`s space probe Chang`e-2 has successfully conducted a manoeuvre in which it flew by the asteroid Toutatis, about seven million kilometres away from the Earth.

China gears up to launch its third lunar mission

China has begun designing and manufacturing the flight model entity of its third lunar probe due to to be launched next year.

China releases "world`s highest resolution" lunar images

China today released a set of "world`s highest resolution" lunar images taken by its second moon orbiter, Chang`e-2.