12 scientists want to come back, work for India: Union Minister Jitender Singh

In a reverse brain drain of sort, over a dozen scientist have shown interest to come back and work in India and approached different ministries and government departments.

Scientists get ready for mock on-site nuclear inspection

Some 40 scientists and technicians from around the world will descend on Jordan in November to take part in a simulated on-site inspection of a suspected nuclear test site on the banks of the Dead Sea.

`Halo-like- device` could soon effectively treat strokes

Scientists have developed a new device that fits on the head like a halo and delivers therapy to quickly bust clots that cause stroke.

Indian scientists find a `wonder herb` in the high Himalayas

In the high hostile peaks of the Himalayas where sustaining life is a challenge in itself, Indian scientists say they have found a "wonder herb" which can regulate the immune system, help adapt to the mountain environment and, above all, protect from radioactivity.

PM Narendra Modi addresses DRDO scientists, stresses on innovation and technology

Speaking at an award function organised by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the scientists of India for their commendable work.

Higgs boson can explain earliest expansion of the Universe

The Higgs boson, which provides mass to elementary particles, could also explain the expansion of the Universe in the moments after the Big Bang, scientists say.

Vikram Sarabhai Awards conferred on four scientists

Four scientists were today conferred with the Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research awards for the year 2013, on the birth anniversary of the visionary scientist at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL).

Come up with out-of-the-box solutions: Naveen to scientists

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Tuesday urged upon the state`s scientific fraternity to come up with "out-of-the-box" solutions to combat the menaces of environmental pollution, energy crisis, water scarcity, global warming, and climate change.

Scientists turn mouse transparent

In a major breakthrough, scientists have transformed a mouse into a "see-through" creature that can give them a clearer view of the body tissues for research.

Demand for data scientists growing in government sector: Expert

The demand for data scientists in India is growing in government agencies at par with private establishments due to a shortage of skilled manpower in the industry, an expert has said.

Whales help in `boosting` our ecosystem

It turns that ocean`s largest and subtle creatures, whales, are more crucial for balancing our ecosystem than actually known.

How antimalarial drug atovaquone prevents from malaria

A research team led by Prof. Dr. Carola Hunte has succeeded in describing how the antimalarial drug atovaquone binds to its target protein.

How to make perfect cup of coffee revealed

Scientists have revealed the secret yet simple ingredient behind every perfect cup of coffee that most cafes have been claiming to have for years.

This Korean sprinter robot can beat Usain Bolt!

South Korean scientists have taken inspiration from the prehistoric Velociraptor dinosaur to create one of the world`s simplest and fastest robots - the Raptor.

Big Bang signal too weak to be significant: Study

The signal of Big Bang ripples announced in March this year was too weak to be significant, two separate analyses say, suggesting the astronomers had jumped the gun.

Species go extinct far faster than before: Study

Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at least 1,000 times faster than they did before humans arrived on the scene, and the world is on the brink of a sixth great extinction, a new study says.

Hunt for MERS source should look beyond camels: Veterinary officials

Scientists lack proof that camels are the source of a deadly new virus that has killed 186 people in Saudi Arabia and should widen their hunt to other animals, veterinary experts meeting in Paris said.

Pain and itch blocking antibody discovered

Scientists have discovered a new antibody that simultaneously blocks the sensations of pain and itching in studies with mice.

Scientists confirm distant galaxy cluster

Researchers have confirmed the presence of an unusually distant galaxy cluster, JKCS 041.

`Too many regulations turn scientists away from research`

Increasing administrative workload because of excessive regulations are driving the focus of scientists away from their research work and also leading to waste of taxpayers` money, a significant report says.