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Try these simple home remedies to treat white spots or patches on skin!

Try these simple home remedies to treat white spots or patches on skin!

Try these simple home remedies to treat white spots or patches on skin!

India's first 'Harlequin Baby' born in Nagpur

In what is described as the country's first, a female infant with a severe genetic disorder and near-total missing external body skin, was born here early on Saturday, a doctor said.

Five reasons why you should eat avacado!

Avocado or alligator pear is a large berry containing a single seed.

Know the health benefits of rice bran oil!

Have you ever heard of rice bran oil? Well, rice bran oil is made from the outer husk of rice and is considered as one of the healthiest cooking oil.

Six worst foods for your skin!

Our skin, which is the most sensitive part of our body, gets affected the most if we eat something which doesn't suit us.

Best home remedies to get rid of sunspots!

Sunspots, also known as Solar Lentigines, usually affect people with lighter skin, but anyone can get them.

Lesser-known health benefits of pomegranate!

Pomegranate is a fruit which is loved by all for its unique taste.

Protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

Protect skin, hair from UV rays on sunny days

 Taking precaution is the best way to deal with the problems that harsh ultraviolet rays can cause to your skin and hair, says an expert.

Easy home-made remedies for dry skin!

Check out some easy homemade remedies for dry skin.

Easy home remedies to get rid of acne scars!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

New Delhi: Who likes to have those ugly and unwanted acne scar on face? Well, no one as acne scar is the worst scar as it doesn't go away easily. Usually, it occurs when pimple popped and leaves behind a layer of damaged skin.

Here is why you should drink milk daily!

Milk should be included in their daily diet for healthy lifestyle.

Top five home-made face packs to fight wrinkles!

Zee Media Bureau/Irengbam Jenny

Patients with skin infections hardly complete antibiotic doses

 Patients with skin infections are less likely to take all their prescribed antibiotic doses after leaving the hospital, resulting in new infection or needing additional treatment for the existing skin infection, says a study.

Want flawless skin? Try these 5 foods!

The food that we eat plays a very important role in making our skin healthy, smooth, supple and beautiful.

Does Vitamin E help remove scars?

These hypertrophic scars not only give you a shabby appearance but they can also be painful. So the question that arises here is that is there something that can help in diminishing these scars to a certain extent.

Viagra puts you at increased skin cancer risk

The popular erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Viagra not only helps boost a man's performance in the bedroom, but also can spike the growth of skin cancer, according to a recent study.

These seven super foods are your skin's best friends!

Rushing to the nearest store and blowing your hard-earned money on beauty creams and face washes to get rid of the problem skin is the first thing on the list in these situations.