Isla Fisher, husband expecting her third child?
Isla Fisher, husband expecting her third child?


Los Angeles: Actress Isla Fisher is reportedly expecting her third child with husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

Penelope Cruz in spy comedy with Sacha Baron Cohen

Spanish star Penelope Cruz is in negotiations to join Sacha Baron Cohen in comedy film `Grimsby`.
Louis Leterrier is directing the Sony comedy, which is shooting in the UK.

Sacha Baron Cohen to join `Alice in Wonderland` sequel

Sacha Baron Cohen is in early talks to join the cast of "Through The Looking Glass", a sequel to Disney’s 2010 movie "Alice in Wonderland".

`Anchorman 2` to hit theatres two days ago for Christmas

Studio bosses of Paramount have announced that Harrison Ford starrer `Anchorman 2` will open two days earlier than its original release date.

Sacha Baron Cohen punks Hollywood by dumping women from wheelchair

Sacha Baron Cohen punked Hollywood by "accidentally" dumping old women from wheelchair while accepting the `Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award for Excellence in Comedy`.

Daniel Radcliffe set for Freddie Mercury biopic?

Daniel Radcliffe is reportedly set to replace Sacha Baron Cohen in an upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.

Sacha Baron Cohen quits Freddie Mercury biopic

Sacha Baron Cohen has pulled out of Queen frontman Freddie Mercury`s biopic over "creative differences".

Isla Fisher married Sacha Baron Cohen for his sense of humour

Actress Isla Fisher says she wouldn`t have married actor Sacha Baron Cohen if he did not have had a good sense of humour.

Isla Fisher mistaken for Sacha Baron Cohen`s daughter

Isla Fisher was left red-faced when she was introduced as her now-husband Sacha Baron Cohen`s daughter at a party.

My marriage isn`t normal: Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher says being married to Sacha Baron Cohen has given her some surreal moments thanks to his controversial brand of comedy.

Sacha Baron Cohen taking singing lessons for Freddie Mercury role

Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly taking singing lessons as he is playing Freddie Mercury in a forthcoming biopic.

Sacha Baron Cohen taking singing lessons to play Freddie Mercury?

‘The Dictator’ star Sacha Baron Cohen is reportedly taking singing lessons for his movie role as singer Freddie Mercury.

Tom Hooper to direct Freddie Mercury biopic

Tom Hooper is being linked to direct the upcoming biopic on Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, which would see him reunite with `Les Miserables` star Sacha Baron Cohen.

Sacha Baron Cohen is Britain`s highest-paid Hollywood star

Sacha Baron Cohen has been named Britain`s highest-paid Hollywood star

Sacha Baron Cohen is Britain`s highest paid Hollywood star

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has been named Britain`s highest paid Hollywood star. He banked over 20 million pounds in 2012 thanks to box office success with ‘The Dictator’ and ‘Les Miserables’ - however, he missed a place in the Forbes Celebrity 100.

Busy Sacha Cohen pulled out of `Django Unchained`

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen says he was compelled to opt out of Quentin Tarantino`s western `Django Unchained` due to his busy schedule.

`Les Miserables` suffers due to bad singing: Adam Lambert

Singer Adam Lambert has slammed Tom Hooper`s new movie musical `Les Miserables` insisting the film "suffered massively" due to its all-star cast "pretending to be singers".

Tom Hooper delayed shooting, waited for Sacha Baron Cohen`s voice recovery

Tom Hooper chose to postpone shooting of musical movie ‘Les Misrables’ when actor Sacha Baron Cohen`s had bad throat.

Sacha Baron Cohen to star in `The Lesbians`

Sacha Baron Cohen, famous for taking jibes at people with his on-screen roles, is all set to star in another comedy project ‘The Lesbian’.

`The Dictator` banned in Tajikistan

Sacha Baron Cohen`s new comedy film ‘The Dictator’ will not be shown in the movie theaters of Tajikistan due to "the mentality of people", Tajik movie distributor Tantana said.