New trout species found in Turkey
New trout species found in Turkey

A new trout species belonging to the Salmonidae family, which includes salmon, trout, char, grayling and freshwater whitefish, has been found in Alakir Stream in Antalya, Turkey.

Salmon forced to `sprint`, less likely to survive

Do not make the fish run, especially if they are female. Researchers have found that sockeye salmon that are forced to rush to their spawning grounds through fast-moving waters could be dying right after their "sprint".

Atlantic salmon can adapt to warmer waters

Populations of Atlantic salmon have a surprisingly good capacity to adjust to warmer temperatures that are being seen with climate change, scientists have found.

Salmon use Earth`s magnetic field to migrate

A new study has found that salmon use the Earth`s magnetic field to migrate.

Recipe: Indian Mustard Fish

Check this out for yummy lunch.

Amino acid found in salmon could help beat diabetes

New research has suggested that the amino acid arginine, which is found in foods like salmon, eggs and nuts is able to boost the body’s ability to metabolise glucose.

5 super foods for your hair: Eat your way to great locks

Who doesn’t crave for those thick luscious locks? Healthy shiny hair is the envy of every woman. But due to several lifestyle factors, genetics and wrong diet, our hair becomes prey to serious damage. The only remedy to all your hair problems can be found in your diet. Here are super foods that can manage all your hair worries.

How salmon navigates through ocean to return to home river

A new study may have solved the mystery of how salmon navigate across thousands of miles of open ocean to locate their river of origin before journeying upstream to spawn.

Copper making salmon unable to find predators

Tiny copper compounds are affecting salmon`s sense of smell so much that makes them unable to detect the presence of predators around them.

Top 10 anti-ageing foods

Here are the top 10 anti-ageing foods that you should start gorging on...

Climate change adversely impacts populations of trout, salmon

Climate change is adversely affecting lives of trout and salmon, a new research claims.