Crackdown on rumour-mongering over salt shortage in East, NE

Authorities in states in the east and northeast launched a crackdown on rumour-mongering after panic buying of salt fed by rumours that it would disappear from markets led to its exorbitant price which today hit Rs 100 per kg in Darjeeling.

Rumours of salt shortage spark panic in Nagaland

Rumours of shortage of salt in Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagaland, created panic among consumers in the state.

Panic buying in Meghalaya over rumours of salt shortage

Panic-stricken people in Meghalaya Friday rushed to grocery stores and purchased salt at an exorbitant price of up to Rs.300 a kg while rumours of an acute shortage of the essential food ingredient swirled across the state.

Salt shortage rumour in Meghalaya, Govt launches crackdown

Rumours of salt shortages hit Meghalaya with panic stricken people buying salt at exorbitant prices which forced the state government on Friday to launch an immediate crack down and announce that there is enough stock of salt in the state.