High salt intake may increase multiple sclerosis risk

Diets high in sodium may be a novel risk factor in the development of multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system.

This lamp runs on glass of water and salt

 A Philippines-based company has developed a lamp that can run for eight hours at a stretch on a glass of water and two tablespoons of salt.

Salty food doesn't cause thirst: Study

Contradicting the popular assumption of salt causing thirst, it has been found that eating salty food does not necessarily make us drink more water, says a study.

FSSAI for fixing lead content limit in fruits, pulses & juices

After the Maggi fiasco, central food safety regulator FSSAI has proposed fixing limits of permissible lead content in a wide range of products including salt, fruits, juices, vegetables, pulses and meat products.

Salt may be key to unlocking interiors of Neptune and Uranus

A new study has suggested that several of our solar system's planets and moons aren't filled with the regular kind of water ice that one avoids on the sidewalk in winter.

Salt pills do little to boost performance of endurance athletes

A new study has revealed that more salt doesn't mean better performance for endurance athletes.

High salt diet may delay puberty: Study

Consuming excess dietary salt may result in late onset of puberty that can lead to behavioural problems, stress and reduced fertility, new research says.

DNA: Too much salt intake not good for health

A recent research has stated that too much consumption of salt can lead to many diseases and results to untimely death. Also watch DNA analysis of Rahul Gandhi's

Don't blame salt alone for high BP: Study

Lack of potassium in the diet, not a little more salt than what is currently recommended, is linked to higher blood pressure (BP), new research says.

Extra salt won't help endurance athletes

Contrary to the popular belief, researchers have found that consuming higher quantities of salt or other electrolyte supplements containing sodium is not linked to better performance of endurance athletes.

New York woman gets 20 years to life for killing son with salt

A suburban New York woman who wrote a blog about motherhood was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison by a judge on Wednesday for murdering her 5-year-old son through salt poisoning so she could use his illness to gain social media attention.

Consume less salt to reduce stomach cancer risk

A new study has revealed that excessive salt consumption, which is well known for causing high blood pressure and heart disease, can also increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Added sugar more harmful for heart than salt

A new study has revealed that added sugars likely to have greater role than salt in high blood pressure and heart disease.

Reduce salt intake for better kidney health

Too much salt in one's diet increases the risk of contracting kidney problems, says a new research.

DNA: Untold story of salt farmers in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Salt workers in Rann of Kutch, Gujarat, India, in exteme conditions and lead a life of hardship.

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DNA: Cabinet reshuffle-What will Modi's new team be like?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keen on a cabinet reshuffle before he leaves for his three-nation tour on 11 November.

Beware: Sugar could be dangerous for your health

A new research suggests that high sugar levels affect a key area of the brain which causes the heart rate to quicken and blood pressure to rise.

Salt-degraded farm soil now equals the size of France
Salt-degraded farm soil now equals the size of France

Every day for more than 20 years, an average of 2,000 hectares of irrigated land in arid and semi-arid areas across 75 countries, including in India, has been degraded by salt, a research has found.

How salt can make buildings age faster
How salt can make buildings age faster

High salt is not only detrimental to health but salt crystals can also push historical buildings and wall paintings to age faster. How?

Not salt but high BMI triggers hyper-tension

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, check your Body Mass Index (BMI) first as a new study indicates sodium intake has less impact on overall health than previously thought.