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Earth's CT scan shows how Hawaii and Iceland were born

Seismologists from University of California-Berkeley have produced for the first time a sharp, three-dimensional scan of Earth's interior that shows how volcanic island chains like Hawaii, Samoa and Iceland were born.

Security tightened in Jaipur ahead of FIPIC summit today

Security across Jaipur has been tightened ahead of the 2nd Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation (FIPIC) Summit on Friday which will witness participation by heads of state and government officials from 14 resource-rich nations.

Strong quakes hit off South Pacific nations of Tonga, Samoa

A pair of strong earthquakes struck off the South Pacific nations of Tonga and Samoa on Monday, but there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage and no tsunami warning was issued.

Strong quakes strike off South Pacific islands: USGS

 An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 struck off Samoa in the Pacific Ocean on Monday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said, just hours after a major tremor rattled nearby Papua New Guinea.

Stuart Lancaster backs George Ford to shine against Australia

Stuart Lancaster backs George Ford to shine against Australia

England head coach Stuart Lancaster on Monday confirmed George Ford will stay at fly-half for Saturday`s clash against Australia.

Climate focus at UN small islands summit in Samoa

A major United Nations conference on small island nations began in Samoa on Monday, with the emphasis on helping them survive the pressing challenge posed by climate change.

Japan floor Samoa 33-14 in World Cup dress rehearsal

Asian champions Japan stunned Samoa 33-14 on Friday, registering a record seventh straight test win to strike a psychological blow before they face the Pacific islanders at next year`s World Cup.

Tea made from mamala tree may help fight AIDS

A compound found in a medicinal tea brewed from the bark of a tree could help fight AIDS, scientists have found.

Samoa celebrates New Year a day earlier!

Samoa has already embraced the New Year, a day earlier than the rest of the world, to align closely with their major trading partners.

Samoa to shift back west of international dateline

Samoa and American Samoa lied west of the international dateline until 1892.

Killer earthquakes shake scientific thought

A sudden cluster of massive earthquakes which has shaken Asia-Pacific communities and likely left thousands dead has also jolted some scientists, who are starting to question conventional thought.

Samoa tsunami toll rises to 184

The number of people confirmed dead after a devastating tsunami in Samoa and neighbouring American Samoa and Tonga has risen to 184, officials said.

Samoans flock to churches to mourn tsunami victims

Grief-stricken Samoans have poured into churches to mourn the victims of the devastating tsunami that killed more than 170 people in their nation and surrounding Pacific islands.

Samoa fights diseases after tsunami

Samoa health officials said people who have been affected by the infectious diseases after the devastating tsunami in the South Pacific island are not coming forward for treatment.

Samoa feared death toll nears 190: Officials

The number of people feared killed in
the devastating tsunami that pounded the Samoa islands and
Tonga neared 190, officials have said.

Samoa tsunami death toll rises to 170: Officials

The confirmed death toll from the
devastating tsunami that crashed into the Samoa islands and Tonga has risen to 170 with at least 10 more people unaccounted for, officials has said.

Death toll nears 150 as Samoa devastation revealed

Rescuers reached scenes of stunning devastation after a killer tsunami obliterated Samoan island villages, killing at least 148 people and leaving scores more missing.

US scrambles response to Pacific tsunami

US emergency relief officials rushed to respond to a deadly tsunami that struck remote island groups in the Pacific Ocean, including the US territory of American Samoa.