IBM leads tech patent filings in 2013, Google accelerates

IBM has retained its patent crown in 2013, while Google climbed to No. 11 in the rankings.

4G to be passe, Samsung`s 5G is here

Samsung Electronics has claimed that it has found a revolutionary way to transmit data swiftly through a fifth generation network, or 5G, which will transform current mobile and internet technology.

Apple’s scroll technology patents ruled invalid

US Patent and Trademark Office has ruled that 20 patents relating to scroll technology ‘are invalid’, the BBC reports.

Samsung to build memory chip plant in China

Samsung Electronics will build a memory chip plant in China`s northwestern city of Xi`an with an investment of $7 billion.

Samsung condemns `anti-Iran` ad featuring its tablet

Samsung Electronics today condemned an Israeli commercial featuring a Samsung tablet, expressing dismay at Iran`s threat to ban its products over the apparently anti-Tehran teaser.

EU opens antitrust probe against Samsung

European regulators opened today an antitrust probe against Samsung Electronics to determine whether the South Korean group has distorted competition in European mobile device markets.

Samsung unveils three wave smartphones

Samsung Electronics unveiled three smartphone models that run on its own operating system.