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3,600-year-old mummy discovered in ancient Egyptian city Luxor

Spanish archeologists have discovered a 3,600-year-old mummy in the ancient city of Luxor, Egypt.

Giant sarcophagus leads to tomb of previously forgotten dynasty`s pharaoh

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh: Woseribre Senebkay - and the first material proof of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty, ca. 1650-1600 BC.

Over 3,500-year-old sarcophagus found in Egypt

The discovery of a 3,550-year-old child`s sarcophagus near the southern Egyptian city of Luxor could shed light on a little-known period of Ancient Egypt.

3,000-yr-old sarcophagus

A 3,000-year-old ornately painted coffin arrived back in Egypt today, 125 years after it was smuggled out the country, antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said.

Mayan sarcophagus

Archaeologists have discovered more than a 1,000-yr-old Mayan sarcophagus.

Ancient sarcophagus

A sarcophagus may bring experts closer to solving debate over plays Shakespeare.