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Bigfoot: New footage claims Sasquatch is real

Questions like ‘is Bigfoot real’ or ‘do you believe in the existence of Bigfoot’ have been asked for ages but as yet, no convincing proof of it has ever been presented.

Searching for Bigfoot? New map tells you where to look

Bigfoot enthusiasts have something to cheer about! The first ever map that shows the places in US where suspected Bigfoot sightings have occurred has been developed.

$1 million prize for `safe` capture of Bigfoot

Million dollar Bigfoot! A beer maker in Washington state has offered a USD 1 million reward to anyone who can capture a live Bigfoot.

DNA evidence proves Bigfoot exists

While many people claim to have seen the Bigfoot, its existence has never been confirmed, except for a plethora of photos and footprints.

New York rules out existence of mythical Bigfoot

The state of New York does not believe in Bigfoot, as the Department of Environmental Conservation has politely rejected a citizen’s call for the state to develop regulations banning its hunting.