Pressure for talks mounts as shelling rumbles on in Ukraine

The Vatican has formally recognised the International Association of Exorcists, giving its blessing to a group of 250 priests in 30 countries who claim to save the possessed from Satan.

Blood of Pope John Paul II stolen for `satanic` purposes?

Even as the police continue to look for the missing reliquary which had the blood of late Pope John Paul II and was stolen from a small church in Italy, the Italian Anti-Plagiarism Observatory has reportedly expressed fears that Satanic sects could be behind the theft.

Man arrested after making death threats against Taylor Swift

A man was arrested during Taylor Swift`s concert in Pittsburgh after he allegedly made death threats against the `Love Story` singer and brought "Taylor Swift is with Satan" sign to the gig.

Trinamool MP calls Salman Rushdie `satan`

Trinamool Congress MP Sultan Ahmed Friday called Salman Rushdie a "satan" and said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had done the right thing if she indeed blocked writer`s visit to Kolkata.

Hajj pilgrims stone Satan in Mina

The ritual commemorates Prophet Abraham`s stoning of the devil.