Thousands volunteer to scour satellite images of Nepal quake

More than 4,500 people have volunteered to examine 14,000 square kilometres of satellite imagery collected over Nepal to help relief efforts after Saturday`s earthquake killed more than 3,900 people, imagery provider DigitalGlobe Inc said.

Satellite images show 290 heritage sites in Syria damaged by war : UN

Satellite imagery indicate that 290 cultural heritage sites in Syria, whose history stretches back to the dawn of civilization, have been damaged by its ongoing civil war, the United Nations` training and research arm (UNITAR) said on Tuesday.

Google 'crisis map' to help people in flood-hit Kashmir
Google 'crisis map' to help people in flood-hit Kashmir

Internet giant Google has created a crisis map with updated satellite imagery to facilitate rescue operations in flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir.

Satellites can tell if a volcano will erupt

Satellite imagery can be used to predict which volcanoes are most likely to erupt, scientists have found.

Chhattisgarh to check illegal mining through satellite imagery

The Chhattisgarh government will use satellite imagery to detect activities of illegal mining and establish barriers to check unlawful transportation of minerals.

NASA releases satellite imagery of India on Diwali

NASA, the national space agency of the US, Thursday, released a black and white satellite imagery of India this Diwali night.

Controlling deadly tsetse fly with satellite image

Scientists are relying on satellite imagery to control the deadly tsetse fly, an African killer that spreads "sleeping sickness" disease among humans and animals and wipes out livestock worth $4.5 billion every year.