Satyajit Ray's 94th birth anniversary celebrated with a special notebook

A notebook dedicated to the works of the maestro was launched today to mark Satyajit Ray's 95th birth anniversary today.

I wanted to work again with Swatilekha: Soumitra

Actor Soumitra Chatterjee, who is starring opposite Swatilekha Sengupta 30 years after they paired in Satyajit ray's "Ghare Baire", said he wished they had worked earlier.

Story is always my top priority: Tarun Majumder

Director Tarun Majumder says as a filmmaker he has always followed Satyajit Ray by giving priority to story-telling above all.

Satyajit Ray's masterpiece 'The Apu Trilogy' restored

 Indian master filmmaker Satyajit Ray's masterpiece "The Apu Trilogy" has been restored and will be released in US theatres beginning May 8 by Janus Films, leading distributor of classic foreign films.

Satyajit Ray's masterpiece ‘The Apu Trilogy’ restored
Satyajit Ray's masterpiece ‘The Apu Trilogy’ restored

Indian master filmmaker Satyajit Ray's masterpiece ‘The Apu Trilogy’ has been restored and will be released in US theatres beginning May 8 by Janus Films, leading distributor of classic foreign films.

Story Satyajit Ray wanted to turn into film to be out in English

 A story by a doyen of Bangladesh literature, which Satyajit Ray fervently wanted to turn into a film, is being translated into English for the first time by a leading Indian publisher.

'Paddington' inspired by Ray's Apu: Director
'Paddington' inspired by Ray's Apu: Director

A fan of Satyajit Ray's works, London-based Paul King, says that for his latest directorial "Paddington", he was hugely inspired by the legendary Indian filmmaker's "The Apu Trilogy" and that he's tried to capture Apu's emotions in the movie's bear.

'Hope Feluda series brings back audiences to Bengali films'

 In the wake of dwindling audiences for Bengali movies, filmmaker Sandip Ray banked on big screen adaptation of master storyteller Satyajit Ray's Feluda novels to bring back audiences to the regional cinema.

Satyajit Ray felt filmmakers must be connected to reality: Govind Nihalani

Recalling the criticism levelled against legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray for shying away from real and political issues, National Award-winning director Govind Nihalani said the icon took it in his stride and later acknowledged the fact that filmmakers must be connected to reality.

Satyajit Ray inspired me: photographer Nemai Ghosh

Known as legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray's photographer, veteran lensman Nemai Ghosh acknowledged the icon's inspiration was the reason his images were so "lively".

Keanu Reeves finds Satyajit Ray's films 'incredible'
Keanu Reeves finds Satyajit Ray's films 'incredible'

:Keanu Reeves has revealed that he find films by legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray incredible, and had got to know India only through his work.

Santoor sounds to ring in next Feluda flick

 Not the jingle of bells, but the soulful sounds of the santoor will follow sleuth Feluda - the hugely popular character created by master storyteller Satyajit Ray - during his adventures in the Bengali film "Badshahi Angti" (The Emperor's Ring) set for release this Christmas.

Satyajit Ray's science fiction hero in Bengal's school curriculum

 Satyajit Ray's ever popular science fiction character "Professor Shonku" and his adventures will form part of West Bengal's school curriculum from next year.

Sand artist creates sculpture of Satyajit Ray at Cannes

Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has created a sand sculpture of legendary film maker-writer Satyajit Ray on a beach in Cannes during the 11-day International Cannes Film Festival, which began Thursday.

A Ravi Shankar film that did not happen

They were great friends and went on to work on four projects but Satyajit Ray`s plan to make a short film on his musician friend Ravi Shankar remained a wish unfulfilled.

My private life nobody`s business, says Waheeda Rehman

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman, who has done a number of memorable films with Guru Dutt, today refused to talk about her reported relationship with the late film director.

Waheeda Rehman was against wearing bikini and changing name

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman today said that she was clear on two things when she started her film career - one that she will not wear a bikini and other that she would not change her name as was the phenomenon at that point of a time.

World thinks Indian cinema all about song and dance: Scholar

After the death of legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray in 1992, the rest of the world thinks India only makes song-and-dance spectaculars, according to a British film scholar.

Owe him everything: Sharmila, Soumitra on Satyajit Ray

Soumitra Chatterjee and Sharmila Tagore Tuesday expressed awe that every time they watch his films, there`s always something new to learn.

Suchitra Sen: The era ends!

Satyajit Ray, in his obituary for Uttam Kumar, had once written, “Every other Bengali film had him (Uttam Kumar) in the lead, usually paired with Suchitra Sen. This was a romantic team which for durability and width of acceptance had few equals in world cinema.”