Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon?

Actor Tom Cruise is reportedly been dating fellow Scientologist and actress Laura Prepon.

Scientology `being investigated for human trafficking` by FBI

Tom Cruise`s controversial religion Scientology is being investigated by the FBI for its alleged involvement in human trafficking, according to reports.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta launch new Scientology building in Clearwater

Tom Cruise and John Travolta, along with church head David Miscavige have launched Scientology`s new building worth 145 dollars in Clearwater.

Tom Cruise says some of his movies should be thrown into trash

Tom Cruise, during his deposition in his defamation case, confessed that some of his movies suck.

Lost many friends after leaving Scientology, says Leah Remini

Actress Leah Remini has opened up about her decision to leave Scientology and how it has affected her.

Model Jessica White newest follower of Scientology

Jessica White has become the latest celebrity to join Scientology.

Leilani Dowding turns to Scientology, worries pals

Former Page 3 girl Leilani Dowding has shifted her attention to Scientology and reading a lot about it and it worries her friends.

I was ashamed to be a Scientologist: Paul Haggis

Oscar winning writer-director Paul Haggis says he quit the Church of Scientology after 34 years because he was ashamed of becoming part of an organisation he now considers a cult.

Tom Cruise assigned by Scientology to fight aliens?

Tom Cruise reportedly signed a billion-year contract of service with the Church of Scientology to protect humanity from aliens, according to a new book.

Tom Cruise wanted Scientology to be tax deductible charity

A new book has claimed that actor Tom Cruise wanted to make Scientology a tax deductible charity.

Scientologists played sinister musical chairs to decide chief

A new book has claimed that Scientologists were forced to play a sinister game of musical chairs to decide who should be in the cult`s inner circle.

Tom Cruise’s `auditioned ex` raps anti-Scientology song

Tom Cruise’s former girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi has spoken out against the Church of Scientology in the form of a rap song.

Tom Cruise distancing himself from Scientology?

In an attempt to win back ex-wife Katie Holmes, actor Tom Cruise is reportedly planning to cut down all links with Scientology that has been said to be the main reason behind their split.

Scientology ‘bending rules’ for Tom Cruise to meet Suri

Tom Cruise, who has barely been able to meet his daughter Suri after his divorce with Katie Holmes, is getting special treatment from the strict heads of Scientology to have contact with her, it has been revealed.

Tom Cruise leaving Suri rumour is hogwash, says friend

Tom Cruise’s friend has slammed reports suggesting that the actor has turned his back on daughter Suri because of his controversial faith, Scientology.

Katie Holmes willing to do paid appearances after split from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes may be saving her money now that now that she doesn’t have Tom Cruise’s 250M-dollar fortune to fall back on.

Tom Cruise slams wife recruiting claims as `lies`

Tom Cruise has denied reports which claimed that Scientology officials “auditioned dozens of young women” for the superstar before he married his former wife Katie Holmes.

I`m alright, says Katie Holmes post divorce announcement

Katie smiled for the photographers and assured fans that she is doing fine after filing for divorce from Tom Cruise.

Scientology destined to destroy Tom Cruise’s life: Jamie DeWolf

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s great-grandson Jamie DeWolf has claimed that the controversial religion was bound to destroy Tom Cruise’s marriage with Katie Holmes.

Katie Holmes’ family and friends confirm Scientology caused rift

Katie Holmes’ childhood friends and family have opened up about the actress’ conversion to Scientology after she married Tom Cruise, and the rift it caused among those closest to her.